Posted On 11 May 2022
Venetia Hillary

According to Moosend, 63% of the leading companies use automated marketing software. Over the years, technology used in marketing has drastically changed, and even older marketing platforms such as emails have evolved. Imagine putting all your routine work in autopilot mode. You still have complete control of the campaign, but the software does a lot of the work on its own.

You can run your campaign efficiently and save tons of time using the right marketing software. At the same time, it’s become harder to choose a platform since there are many different ones you can choose from.

1.    ActiveCampaign: Best Campaign Platform for Email Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign has over 90,000 users and is amongst the leading marketing automation platforms. If you want a platform that offers the best customer experience, you should consider ActiveCampaign. It provides a mix of CRM and Email marketing to develop the best solution, ensuring you have smooth sailing.

So, ActiveCampaign is a great option if you’re looking for an excellent customer experience and improving your email marketing strategies. The platform automates the user’s email follow-up, locates the frequently engaged contacts, and integrates them with your apps. Impressively, it is also one of the most affordable options you’ll find on the market, considering its cool automation features.

2.    MeetEdgar: Best Scheduling Platform for Marketing Automation

MeetEdgar strikes out for its scheduling features, along with its marketing automation. It offers continuous posting, meaning the platform collects and posts relevant content on your online accounts, such as Instagram.

MeetEdgar stands out for best scheduling because its design favours time-strapped companies. The platform allows you to create posts using a browser extension and establish a schedule based on the selected category, which reduces time and effort. MeetEdgar can regularly post content on your behalf to keep your audience engaged. It also features an unlimited content library that shuffles and schedules posts according to users’ preferences.

3.    Omnisend: Best Free Platform for Marketing Automation

Omnisend has only been in the game since 2014 but has already won the hearts of 70,000+ sales teams, including Hallmark. One of its best features, apart from being free, is its usability.

Even though this platform does not have the best design, it has some great features. With Omnisend, you can easily create workflows. It also features a built-in segment that lets the user target a specific audience; These features and its split automation make it worthwhile.

4.    WordPress: Best Website Builder and Content Marketing Software

WordPress is an excellent content managing system initially established as a blogging tool, so it’s safe to say that contenting marketing is one of its primary functions. Over the years, it has transformed to enhance it’s suitability for website building and content marketing. That is why many popular news sites use it for content development.

The marketing automation plugin for WordPress records every visit from your audience. It alerts you whenever there is a new or existing lead. What’s more, it can trace leads from your email campaigns – and it’s free!

The Verdict

Choosing the right platform will solely depend on your needs since each of the tools listed above have a unique feature. Be it marketing automation, or customer experience, all you require is a good tool. The main difference between them is the small details, such as prices or user experience. Once you’ve identified your needs, the following steps will be much easier. It’s best to choose the ideal marketing tool that suits your business.

We hope the tools we’ve suggested in our guide will help you grow your company this year. Need some help with your marketing efforts? Don’t have as much time as you want? Get in touch with Oracle Tree to see how we can best help you.

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