Do you yearn for your brand to command the social media stage like your competitors?

It can be disheartening seeing competitors take centre stage on social media while you hide in the shadows. It may sometimes feel like social media marketing isn’t getting your business anywhere. You pour energy into crafting engaging content, shaping your brand persona, and seeking visibility, but the return? Hard to know. Sometimes impossible to figure out. Is all this effort making a difference at all?

Social media still matters. And we’re here to show you why. With the right approach, talent, and social media expertise, we make small businesses once again believe in all that social media promises: deeper connections with audiences, brand awareness that ripples across the digital landscape, and conversions you simply can’t deny came from social media.

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Let our social media experts show you the way…

We offer two pathways to collaborate on your social media marketing strategy:

Done-for-you: Leave it all to us. Our team, seasoned in the art and science of social media, will carry the entire weight of your social media campaigns. From drafting captivating content to fine-tuning the little details, we’ve got it all under control.

Done-with-you: Join forces with our team to merge your industry expertise and our social media prowess. We’ll craft personalised content that truly captures your brand, building a bridge between you and your clients, all while keeping our fingers on the pulse of ever-changing social trends.

The majority of our clients achieve results like these after 12 months of working with us:

250% increase in total accounts reached with their message

150% increase in fans and followers to their accounts

An average of 2500 monthly views on video content

An average of 50 unique profile views per month

These results are dependent on a range of factors including industry and the service level chosen (done for you / done with you etc) however the Oracle Tree team help determine reasonable results target for all our clients as part of onboarding.


Did you think social media marketing was dead? Wrong!
Your potential audience on social media is still growing and it can be an invaluable marketing tool for growth – if harnessed correctly; And this eBook will show you how to do just that.


What social media marketing can do for your business

With a staggering 60% of Australia’s population frequenting Facebook and 50% logging in daily, social media platforms are the modern-day arenas where brands battle for attention. Skillfully wielded, they can be your potent tools for engagement. Here’s how:

  • Level the Playing Field: Gone are the days when large corporations monopolised attention. Social media allows even the smallest brands a chance to shine.
  • Build Brand Momentum: Increase awareness, spark interest, and encourage action. Become the brand that inspires and resonates with people.
  • Enhance Your Online Presence: Cut through the digital noise. Attract followers who don’t just scroll, but actually engage.
  • Tap into Advertising: Social media platforms are more than social—they are potent advertising tools. Create striking ads to reach your target audience.
  • Craft an Organic Presence: Authenticity carries weight. Build a genuine social media persona that faithfully represents your brand’s voice.
  • Connect Authentically: Engage in genuine dialogues. Drive meaningful conversations that build relationships, not just followers.
  • Prime Your Audience: The key to successful conversions? An audience that’s ready to engage. And well-crafted Facebook Ads are your tools to prime them for action.
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Sparking social media growth across the globe

See how we aid our clients in their journey from social media saplings to digital giants.

Increased brand visibility and share of voice in your industry.

A unique and authentic digital footprint to support your business’ growth

An engaged community of fans that convert.

Your pathway to social media success

At Oracle Tree, we have refined our process to ensure your social media success and take the stress away from managing these complex ecosystems. Here are the steps we take to elevate your brand and maximise your results:

Discover your Unique Voice

We delve into the heart of your business, target audience, and goals. By discerning your brand's spirit, we align your social media strategy with your distinctive voice, creating messages that reverberate with your audience.

Craft a Tailored Strategy

Our thorough social media audits and industry analysis give us the insight to tailor a strategy that intrigues and engages your target audience. Our expertise ensures your brand is not only seen but is compelling and unforgettable.

Create Compelling Content

We curate content that thoughtfully mirrors your brand's voice and narrates your unique story. With visually arresting elements and authentic narratives, we secure your audience's attention and entice them to act.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Our skilled design team creates scroll-stopping assets that reflect your brand's identity and values. From eye-catching graphics to impactful videos, we bring your brand to life and leave a lasting impression.

Track Key Metrics

Our diligent data analysis and reporting offer critical insights into your social media campaign's performance. We leverage this data to make calculated decisions, fuelling your brand's growth.

Refine Strategy & Celebrate success

We persistently fine-tune your social media strategy based on data-backed insights and commemorate each achievement. By tweaking our tactics, we assure healthy outcomes and optimise your return on investment.


Let us help you imagine the possibilities and uncover what social media can do for you..

Marama has spent the last 15+ years helping people across the globe design strategy-first digital marketing solutions that produce actual results for their businesses.

She loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and empowering the next generation of conscious-minded business owners who are looking to make an impact.

Why not book in for a FREE 20 minute Strategy Session with her today!

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