Content Marketing

Apply Hub and Spoke Marketing to Grow Your Business

Marama Carmichael

People buy from businesses they know, trust, respect and believe they can work with. They choose products and services to help their own business in some way.

It might be to do with lowering costs, improving efficiencies, growing market share, maximising profit, etc. The results those businesses get must be greater than the cost and effort of buying and using the products or services.


4 Digital Marketing Elements Your Business Needs

Dominique Macartney

For many businesses today, digital marketing is a key element of an overall marketing strategy, whether the business is working on a local or an international level.

The key to finding the right digital marketing elements to add to your overall marketing strategy will depend on:

  • what you know about your target audience
  • and how they spend their time online

No matter what your target audience looks like, you can still reach potential customers anywhere with these four digital marketing elements.  (more…)

3 Reasons To Have A Copywriter Do Your Content Marketing

Dominique Macartney

The basic idea behind content marketing is simple.

You create a piece of content that gets your audience’s attention, and sort of soft sells you, your brand, and your products to the audience. For example, if you ran an online storefront that sold gardening supplies, then running a blog full of tips and tricks for everything from vegetables to flowers would pull people in, and put them within easy buying range.


The 12 Steps to Writing Killer Small Business Blog Posts That Boost Your SEO Rankings

Marama Carmichael

Writing is hard.

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the woes of creating and publishing blog posts. You’ll think of a great idea, get to your computer, and open a word document ready to type— but no words come out.

Your idea was great; but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to organise your thoughts on paper. And every 10 minutes, you think,

“Where was I going with this again?”


Automation systems and content marketing

Dominique Macartney

Yes, automation is a great timesaver. And, yes, that goes for automating aspects of your marketing and sales.

Automating what is repetitive, routine, even can enable you to spend more time out of the office while “the work” goes on.

Automated marketing usually refers to email and the capacity of email systems to respond appropriately to a host of triggers. It can be from greeting a potential customer to reminding one that it’s time to renew a subscription.


5 Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Impact

Dominique Macartney

So, you finally got your business onto social media, did you? You’ve got a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and you’re ready to go.

Maybe you’ve been at it for a little while, though, and you’re noticing something… the numbers just aren’t adding up the way you’d hoped they would.

If you’re planning on popping the hood, and see if you can locate what’s sapping all your social media energy, here are some things you need to keep in mind for improving your effectiveness. (more…)

The 6 Keys to Content Marketing Success

Dominique Macartney

Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

I’m sure you’ve already come to that conclusion. When you look around, you’ll see no shortage of businesses killing it with content. But despite your knowledge of its potential, one still question remains in your head:

“How the heck do I unlock it?”


8 Ways to Present Yourself to New Prospects

Dominique Macartney

In today’s marketing world attracting the attention of new customers can be challenging.

This is especially true if your traditional marketing channels are television and radio or print marketing. While these channels aren’t going away, with more people turning to streaming for their entertainment, your marketing needs to be even more strategic than before.


Content Marketing: Benefits of Hiring a Blogger

Marama Carmichael

If you have a business, you need to have a blog. Not only will it help to drive more traffic to your website (leading to more sales), but your customers will get to know you better and therefore will learn to trust you, compelling them want to do business with you.

However, as is the case with most business owners, you may not feel like you have the time to devote to a blog. For this reason, you may want to hire a blogger or writer to do it for you.

Here are some benefits of hiring a blogger for your blog.


Content Marketing is Like The Trojan Horse

Marama Carmichael

Modern-day consumers are desensitised to advertising. From the sad soundtrack that tugs at your heartstrings to get you to donate money to a good cause… To the pulse-pounding cinematography that turns a car commercial into a miniature action movie… The audience has built up walls to resist these kinds of advertisements.

They know that whoever runs the ads is trying to sell them something, so they tune-out. They switch channels during a TV commercial break, they ignore pop-up ads online, and they let radio spots go in one ear and out the other.

Your customer base has built up walls against traditional marketing that can make getting them to listen, much less make a purchase seem almost impossible.

Until you bypass those walls, anyway. And that’s where content marketing comes in.