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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

As a busy business owner, you probably feel like you can’t put anything else on your plate. However, if you are not marketing your business, it won’t continue to grow and prosper.

Unfortunately, most business owners only market their business when it is slow. Then, things pick up and they don’t have the time to continue to advertise their business. This leads back to slow times. The cycle continues.

Because of this, you should be finding ways to market your business every day. One really good way to grow your business is by blogging. Here are some reasons why you should start blogging for your business.

Blogs show potential clients that you are knowledgeable about your field of expertise


Blogs are great at showing people that you are an expert in your field. By giving them helpful advice on a regular basis, you are proving to everyone that you are a competent person who can be trusted.

Not only will blogging help your career because people will turn to you for advice, it will also go a long way to help you find new clients. They want to know the people that they work with and buy products from. They want to know that they aren’t wasting their money on someone or something that won’t help them.

Blogs are good for search engine optimisation


If you want your website to be found, you have to think about optimising your website for search engines. The truth is that for some searches, Google puts a priority on newer content.

In fact, many ecommerce sites don’t blog or update their websites on a regular basis at all. This gives you the opportunity to create new content and blog posts to attract links more than these commercial pages.

The more blogs that you have, the more potential clients you will have


The truth is that most people search online when they are faced with learning anything new. Because they are going to be looking online for a lot of this information, this gives you the opportunity to reach multiple clients, especially if you offer many services and products.

The more blogs and diverse content that you write gives you the opportunity to rank for more diverse terms. This can really help to drive more traffic to your website.

When it comes to marketing, blogs last longer than social media posts


While many business owners are using social media as a way to connect with potential clients (and they should), if you only can do one, you should consider blogging.

While social media posts often get lost in people’s feed, blogs can be read for years and years to come, especially if they are still relevant.

One blog post could reach multiple people every week for years, while a social media post is only seen for a few hours before another one takes its place.

Though you might be worried about finding time to blog, you really need to have one on your website. It will help you grow your business and your credibility! In fact, as your blog grows, search engines will send more and more people to your blog and website, leading to even more business growth.

If you have decided that you want to blog, but don’t have the time, don’t worry. You can hire someone else to do it for you.

There are many marketing firms and freelance bloggers who can help you grow your business. In fact, don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your marketing needs. We will be glad to help you grow your business through blogging and other marketing tactics.

SEO: 5 keys to being found on Google

The keys to SEO – What every business owner needs to know about how to be found on Google.

SEO or (search engine optimisation) is a pretty complex topic. There are over 200 “ranking signals” that Google uses to decide what to show when people search for something. It can be overwhelming. BUT here are 5 key things that even the most Google phobic business owners need to know that will unlock the power of Google.


The One Tip You Need For Blogging Success

So, you’ve decided you’re going to add a blog to your business. You’ve researched it, and you know that one of the best ways to increase your interaction with potential customers is to continually add content to your site. A blog is the best way to do that.


SEO: Setting up Shop Next to the Internet’s Main Entrance

SEO is critical in the business world today – it can help drive organisational growth, increase sales, and build your customer base. Yet it still remains an abstract concept for many business owners and entrepreneurs alike. They realise its importance, but struggle with understanding the finer details of how it works. Perhaps you too would like to learn more.

This article answers the following questions: What is SEO? How does it work? And why does it matter so much? Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make better business decisions for your company.


How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

First off, what is a featured snippet? A featured snippet is what Google decides is the best complete answer to a question.  It’s that little bit of information from a relevant website that appears first after a Google search below the ads and often above other related questions. It is also called an “answer box” because it usually answers a precise question that you searched for right away. Clicking on a featured snippet will take you to the main website so that you get more information.


4 SEO Tools to Get Your Business Noticed Online

If you own a small business, odds are you have a website.  If you invested the time and money to make that website the best advertisement for your business—one which drives sales and helps your business grow—odds are you want people to see it.  Here’s the rub:  if you don’t also invest in effective search engine optimisation (SEO), they’re not going to find your site online.  Period.


SEO Tips for Your Business

Marketing can be complicated. There are so many businesses competing for the attention of millions of people searching for information online. You need to find a way to stand out above your competition.

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, can really help. It basically means that you are using the search engines to your advantage. Ignoring SEO can be a big mistake.

Unsure where to begin? Here are some SEO tips you can use for your business.


4 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

SEO strategy may seem like a constantly shifting landscape, but the fundamentals don’t change that much. Follow a sound strategy in the following areas, and you’ll boost your Google rank and bring more readers to your site.


The Process Of SEO Is Always Evolving

Most business owners already know how important search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategies are in helping to achieve any level of success online. As we move forward with tech innovations and search engine updates, it will be more important than ever to consider how your websites are indexed on the web.

In the past, having search engines work as a marketing tool for promoting your business online was much simpler. You needed a website, and you needed to tell Google how to list your site. Times are changing.


SEO Should Mean Sensible Effective Outreach

Do you know what SEO is? Many people have likely heard this phrase and some of those people might believe it is connected to computer in some way. Fewer people know that SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.

So now you know what SEO is. Or do you?  Technically, you now know what SEO stands for. But you are not alone if you admit that “Search Engine Optimisation” seems to be a vague phrase. What does “Search Engine Optimisation” mean?