Find out how you can untangle the mess called marketing and grow your business

5 Tips for Achieving Balance with your Marketing Agency

So you’ve done your research and hired a marketing agency. That’s great. But what now?

Do you just leave everything in their hands? Do you keep checking in with them to see what’s going on? Do you work side-by-side with them? Different styles of working are right for different people. However, the best thing is probably to go for a balance between complete autonomy and working together.


The One Tip You Need For Blogging Success

So, you’ve decided you’re going to add a blog to your business. You’ve researched it, and you know that one of the best ways to increase your interaction with potential customers is to continually add content to your site. A blog is the best way to do that.


SEO: Setting up Shop Next to the Internet’s Main Entrance

SEO is critical in the business world today – it can help drive organisational growth, increase sales, and build your customer base. Yet it still remains an abstract concept for many business owners and entrepreneurs alike. They realise its importance, but struggle with understanding the finer details of how it works. Perhaps you too would like to learn more.

This article answers the following questions: What is SEO? How does it work? And why does it matter so much? Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make better business decisions for your company.


Getting a Slice of the Festive Halloween Market

Halloween is a time for scary costumes, silly jokes, and a lot of festive activity. For some, the entire month of October can be seen as one big celebration. Here in Australia, we may not be as crazy about Halloween as our American friends, but it’s still a great opportunity to stand out and promote while having some spooky fun.


6 Business Strategies for Quick Growth

You’ve been in your entrepreneurial journey for a little while, of course, your goal is to grow quickly and turn a good profit. Business owners can be an impatient bunch and we all want fast growth, so it’s vital to utilise proven business strategies to achieve results.

You want to see the rewards of all your hard work. Who doesn’t? Like many good things in life growing your business takes time though. But, with a good growth strategy, you can speed up the process and develop your dream company.


3 Ways to Get Your Content Noticed

Content marketing changes as consumers develop new habits and preferences. If no one is clicking your content, then your promotion tactics are probably outdated. Try using these tips to get your content noticed:


Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy with Testimonials

Every business runs on success. The work you perform, the quality you serve to clients and customers, and the growth you generate all measure your success. However, without marketing, you limit your reach. One of the great strategies in marketing is allowing your happy clients to speak for you. This is where testimonials come in.


The entrepreneur’s curse and how to cure it

Do you feel it?

That sinking feeling in your stomach?

You’ve been devoting all of your time to your business and now you don’t have anything left outside of it. And the freedom of having no ‘boss’ to answer to; therefore being able to do anything you want, has only intensified the ongoing feeling that things just aren’t right.

And there’s one question that won’t leave you be.

What should you be doing next?


Hiring the right people for your business (and keeping them!) is easy… when you know how.

Are you fed up with thinking you’re hiring the right people for your business, only to be let down?

Before you spend anymore of your time managing people rather than your business, let me share what I learned was at the root of not finding the right people for the right seats.

What’s causing you to be let down, is not what you might think

Finding the right person is not solely about looking at a candidate’s skills, experience and expertise. And this is where many small business owners make their first mistake. It was a mistake I made many times over the past 20 years, before my eyes were opened to the realisation that it wasn’t necessarily a lack of ability that meant a team member didn’t fit in or work out.