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The Oracle Tree process

We help businesses grow and scale with four stages:

  • 01

    The Set Up

    Discovery & Strategy
  • 02

    The Story

    Branding & Messaging
  • 03

    The Grand Design & Development

    Websites , Apps & Creative
  • 04

    Cultivation & Growth

    Marketing, Measuring, & Improvement

Discovery and Strategy The Set Up

Seeing where your business is and determining what your business needs.

We investigate four main areas.

1. Your business as a whole – goals and available resources.
2. Your ideal client / customer.
3. Your competitors and others in your market.
4. Strategies and tactics to reach your goals.


Branding & Messaging the Story

Getting the right message in front of the right audience is the basis of growth.

We do this through professional content writing and, if needed, our branding packages.

1. Your message
2. To your audience
3. In your voice
4. With your style

All in support of your goals.


The Grand Design & Development Websites, apps, branding and social media

This is where it all comes together.

In this phase we craft your website or brand so it appeals to your customers and meets your goals, achieving the perfect balance between form and function.

1.  Your strategy
2. Your brand & message
3. Google and human friendly design
4. Super fast loading and mobile optimised development


Marketing, measuring and improvement Cultivation and Growth

We care about your long-term success.

Once we’ve created your site/app/brand, we can help you market it to your perfect clients.

1. Track and measure how visitors are reacting
2. Monitor how visitors are engaging with your business
3. Make recommendations for continuous improvements
4. Analyse what is giving you the best ROI and adapt

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“Working with [Oracle Tree] has been fantastic and we are very happy with the finished website. Marama is highly motivated to share knowledge and provide meaningful consultation. I was impressed at how much discovery work goes into the project and the specific outcomes we arrived at.”

Trina Thompson