Posted On 04 May 2022
Jennaya Dyet

Since its creation, Instagram has seen tremendous growth. The social media platform is growing in popularity with increasing active monthly users. Today, there are more than 1.16 billion active users on Instagram. 90% of the users follow a particular businesses. The stats prove that Instagram is, luckily, a great tool to reach your customers. Instagram marketing can be a tedious chore. However, it doesn’t need to be. Check out our few tips you should keep in mind when Instagram marketing!

Business Account Vs Personal Account 

Before you plan to dive into the tips, here is a vital thing to keep in mind. Instead of a personal account, you might want to switch to a business account. The reason is that these accounts offer access to exclusive features. Some of those include:

  • Instagram ads
  • Contact information and CTA icon on your profile
  • Instagram shopping
  • Primary and secondary message inbox
  • Instagram insights

10 Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing 

  • Define Goals 

Every marketing strategy comes with unique outcomes. For instance, many marketers use the platform to create a strong online presence. Others prefer marketing to generate new leads and enhance brand awareness. Before building an effective marketing strategy, you should define your goals first.

  • Know Your Audience 

Your next step is to know your targeted audience. Before you create any random content, you need to pay attention to your audience’s interest. Learn about your customers interests to create unique content they’ll love.

  • Create Sponsored Ads

Having an ad budget is vital for effective Instagram marketing. Once you know how much you wish to spend, your next step is to create sponsored ads. Engaging ads will help you to keep your posts at the top position!

  • Use Interactive Hashtags

Interactive hashtags build an instant connection with your audience. The user-generated content will help users to search posts related to your brand.

  • Post Quality Content 

Engagement starts with posting quality content on your business account. You need to create content after searching for the interest of your targeted audience.

  • Build Engagement 

There is no doubt that posting quality content is good. But building engagement with the help of profile interaction is vital. You can interact with other accounts, fans and followers by commenting, or liking in return too.

  • Build Brand Recognition 

To market your business, you need to create and publish appealing content. Keep your Instagram look recognisable to help your clients differentiate your brand from others.

  • Go Live 

Instagram Live is a feature that will help you connect with your fans. For efficient collaboration, you could host a Q&A round with your team. If you want to connect directly with your users, you could try an interview with your client.

  • Set Up an Instagram Shop 

In a business account, there’s a feature to set up an Instagram shop. The view shop button available on your account will help your users in their shopping experience. They can view your products/services and buy them then and there!

  • Use IG Insights to Refine Your Strategy 

Instagram’s insights are one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy. By studying the information on IG insights, you can make your marketing better.

Generate a Revenue Boost with Effective Instagram Marketing 

In the highly competitive era, it’s vital to improve your business with IG marketing. If you’re looking to engage your target market, look no further than Oracle Tree. We will help you to untangle the stress and create an engagement strategy. The core purpose of our team is your business growth and success. So, get in touch with us today and make your business stand ahead of the curve.

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