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You have an established business that’s been running for some time and you’re successful.

You’re really good at what you do even though you may not have had formal business training. You threw yourself into your craft and learned the business side as you went along. Your business has grown well, but now the things that were working aren’t working like they used to. Growth has slowed or you’re stuck on a plateau and things need to change.

There are so many paths through the marketing maze and conflicting advice from various “experts” can get confusing.

You’ve probably hired a bunch of freelancers in an attempt to support your team over the years but they never really work together. They aren’t true partners in your business, they just do what they’re told.

You want a business that supports you, your family, and your lifestyle. You don’t want to spend any more nights or weekends struggling with marketing and cashflow.

You just need someone to help find the way.

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Oracle Tree began life as eSense Web Design in 2009 before evolving into a Consulting, Marketing, and Web Agency over an amazing decade. We rebranded to Oracle Tree in July 2019

Since we began, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses. We love working directly with founders and owners, helping them surpass their original vision.

When we started, we were similar to other web design companies. Over time, we realised our clients need us to be more than just “order takers” designing pretty websites.

They need us to empower them and fill the gaps of their internal structure.
They need guidance for their own in-house teams to work more successfully.
They need a new understanding and appreciation for the many potential opportunities that they could tap into.



Oracle Tree is a virtual agency by design, reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the requirement for office space and commuting. It also means we can work with clients anywhere with no difference in our delivery.

We practice what we preach when it comes to freedom within our business.

Our team members are located all over the world, giving them flexibility to work in their own space and with flexible hours. This means they are more productive at work without sacrificing quality personal time.


Marama Carmichael

Founder, CEO, and Lead Strategist

Marama is an industry-leading business growth consultant, digital strategist, mentor and author. With over...

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Nikk Carmichael

Chief Of Operations, Strategist, and Human Resources

Nikk is a business strategist and mentor. He ran a commercial recording and rehearsal...

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Paul Kolbe

Finance and Business Development

Paul is a tenured finance administrator who has spent his career working for unit...

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Venetia Hillary

Digital Marketing Lead

Venetia is a marketing and communications specialist with over 15 years’ experience managing event...

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Leanne Ashcroft

Project Manager

Leanne has over 20 years experience in communication and marketing across a broad range...

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George Amechi

Web Design and Development Lead

George is an experienced website designer and developer with a passion for using cutting-edge...

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Staeven Frey

Branding Specialist

Stæven is an award-winning strategist and designer with 15+ years in branding. He’s passionate...

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Claudiu Lehedea

Graphic Designer

Claudiu is a Creative Specialist with over 11 years of experience helping businesses around...

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Jarrod Waerea

Graphic Designer

Jarrod is a Digital Designer with 6 years of experience creating web, social and...

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Abby Wood


Abby is a content strategist with over 10 years of experience. She’s in her...

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Carmen Chesson


Carmen is a writer, editor and storyteller with ten years of communications and marketing...

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Jennaya Dyet

Social Media Coordinator

Jennaya is a digital marketing professional who loves helping businesses achieve their strategic goals...

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Aakanksha Reddy

Social Media Coordinator

Aakanksha is a Social Media Coordinator, a creative writer and digital media strategist. She...

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Kieran Davidson

Video Content Creator

Kieran is an experienced Digital Content Creator with a passion for designing and creating...

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Berenice Isais

Administrative Assistant

Berenice is a passionate Administrative Assistant who loves providing measured guidance and support to...

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Nazarene Barrientos

Administrative Assistant

Nazarene is one of our Administrative assistants. Her professional experiences range from project administration,...

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What could you do if your business simply… worked?


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