Posted On 12 Jan 2021
Marama Carmichael

Digital marketing has never been more important. Customers are making more and more purchases online so it’s vital that you have an online presence. But online marketing is so expensive, you say? Not with our tips!

Get Automated!

Automation is the key to multiplying your digital marketing efforts, and at Oracle Tree we’re big fans!

With the potential for managing multitude marketing processes and campaigns automatically and concurrently, it has the ability to light a fire underneath your online marketing efforts! With marketing automation, you can target customers with your message across email, web, social, and text. It can also put your customer communication on a schedule and (with the right CRM!) personally engage with specific segments of your customer base, doubling down on the personalisation.

Whilst very cost effective in the long run, with the potential to save you big bucks across a range of departments, it does come with some initial set up costs. If you’re a long term thinker though, it’s definitely something you should have on your radar!

Schedule Your Social Media and Blog Posts

Scheduling is essential regardless of the size of your business. You don’t have the time to worry about releasing a new Tweet every 4 hours or a blog post every other day. And there’s no need for you to! Content-release scheduling for social media and blogs is among the simplest and most cost effective ways of maintaining your presence online.

With the right tools, you can release platform specific content across multiple channels, formatted correctly for optimum user experience. It’s a no digital marketing no brainer!

Want some tips on the best scheduling software available right now? Read our recent blog – Which Social Media Management Platform Is The Best?

Engage an External Marketing Team

Perhaps working with a marketing agency might be right for you? For small businesses it can definitely have its upsides! You’re essentially “borrowing” a marketing team and reaping the rewards of their collective experience. An agency will learn your brand, your campaigns, and your workflows inside-and-out in order to help you extend your marketing capabilities without needing to be hired as employees of your company. Augmenting your team’s capabilities with an external source can also lead to great insight sharing for the future!

Form a Marketing Alliance with Other Businesses

Last but not least, consider building alliances. If it’s a good fit, instead of competing, you might consider pooling your marketing teams and budgets with one or more complementary brands. Perhaps you are a local business who can partner with other and produce shared pro-community ad campaigns? If you’re an online clothing brand, you could consider pairing with a shoe brand or a wardrobe selection service to compliment your offering?

Do you want to build your digital profile but feel overwhelmed by the prospect? Contact us today to explore some of these options for your business, and let’s see if we can’t bolster your marketing efforts!

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