What Are The Differences Between CRM And Marketing Automation?

Marama Carmichael

If you work in sales and marketing, it’s safe to assume that you’ve encountered the terms customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software. It’s also safe to assume that you’re not entirely sure how they’re different from each other. Well, you’re not alone.


Digital versus Traditional Marketing

Dominique Macartney

Long ago brands relied on tried and true methods of marketing.

Everyone was restricted by the limitations of print (billboards, print ads), sight (commercials, movie theatre screens), and sound (radio).

Traditional marketing tactics were extremely expensive and measuring the success of a campaign could be tricky. The age of digital marketing has been upon us for some time, and everything has changed.


Automation systems and content marketing

Dominique Macartney

Yes, automation is a great timesaver. And, yes, that goes for automating aspects of your marketing and sales.

Automating what is repetitive, routine, even can enable you to spend more time out of the office while “the work” goes on.

Automated marketing usually refers to email and the capacity of email systems to respond appropriately to a host of triggers. It can be from greeting a potential customer to reminding one that it’s time to renew a subscription.