3 Reasons To Have A Copywriter Do Your Content Marketing

Dominique Macartney

The basic idea behind content marketing is simple.

You create a piece of content that gets your audience’s attention, and sort of soft sells you, your brand, and your products to the audience. For example, if you ran an online storefront that sold gardening supplies, then running a blog full of tips and tricks for everything from vegetables to flowers would pull people in, and put them within easy buying range.


4 Costly SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Marama Carmichael

Every business wants to appear first in search results. However, very few businesses know how to do it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a massive industry that is worth more than 80 billion, according to Forbes.

To get yourself to the first page for your target keyword, you need a good strategy that is flexible enough to incorporate changes in the future. If you are not getting the results you want, have a look at these costly SEO mistakes and see if you are committing them. (more…)

Inbound Marketing: 4 Factors That Will Make A Client Approach You

Marama Carmichael

When you’re a business, people come to you in need of your expertise.

As such, many businesses put their records and awards up-front, feeling that these things make a solid case for the kind of performance they provide their clients.

However, while there are going to be certain clients that these accolades appeal to (competitive buyers, as they’re called by Martindale-Avvo), it’s important to remember that not everyone chooses someone to do business with based strictly on their record and experience.

What other factors can go into the decisions, though? Well, you might be surprised. For example… (more…)

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Dominique Macartney

As a busy business owner, you probably feel like you can’t put anything else on your plate. However, if you are not marketing your business, it won’t continue to grow and prosper.

Unfortunately, most business owners only market their business when it is slow. Then, things pick up and they don’t have the time to continue to advertise their business. This leads back to slow times. The cycle continues.

Because of this, you should be finding ways to market your business every day. One really good way to grow your business is by blogging. Here are some reasons why you should start blogging for your business. (more…)

SEO: 5 keys to being found on Google

Marama Carmichael

The keys to SEO – What every business owner needs to know about how to be found on Google.

SEO or (search engine optimisation) is a pretty complex topic. There are over 200 “ranking signals” that Google uses to decide what to show when people search for something. It can be overwhelming. BUT here are 5 key things that even the most Google phobic business owners need to know that will unlock the power of Google.


How To Write Absolutely Addicting Articles For Your Small Business

Dominique Macartney

Are good blog posts like drugs? Well, we’ve all experienced this before:

An interesting headline will catch our eye, and we can’t help but click. The content immediately hooks us in and keeps us there for the whole journey. And when it’s over, we see another post on the sidebar with a great headline – and the whole thing starts over again.

5 hours go by in a snap. And after the ride, we’re left thinking: “How in the heck did they just do that to me?”

Some businesses have mastered the art of the “addicting” blog post. No matter what the content is about, no matter how long, we can’t help but read the entire thing through twice. We’re hooked — they’re like the drug dealers of killer content.

But how do they do it?


The One Tip You Need For Blogging Success

Marama Carmichael

So, you’ve decided you’re going to add a blog to your business. You’ve researched it, and you know that one of the best ways to increase your interaction with potential customers is to continually add content to your site. A blog is the best way to do that.


SEO: Setting up Shop Next to the Internet’s Main Entrance

Marama Carmichael

SEO is critical in the business world today – it can help drive organisational growth, increase sales, and build your customer base. Yet it still remains an abstract concept for many business owners and entrepreneurs alike. They realise its importance, but struggle with understanding the finer details of how it works. Perhaps you too would like to learn more.

This article answers the following questions: What is SEO? How does it work? And why does it matter so much? Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make better business decisions for your company.


5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Marama Carmichael

In this digital age, businesses rely a lot on their websites to make sales, boost their market dominance, and satisfy their customers. However, you need to ensure that your website appeals to your customers and has enough information to help them make purchase decisions. If your website is not helping you reach your business goals, you will have to redesign it. Here are five things to consider when redesigning your website: (more…)

Updating Your Web Design and Web Presence in 2018

Marama Carmichael

Websites created in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s all look very different, and when a customer happens upon a website from another era, they can immediately tell. If your business website is from a different decade, or even has just not had a lot of sprucing up in the recent years, there are a few valuable new website features that could dramatically increase the impact of your site. (more…)