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Are you stuck in a digital marketing strategy built on guesswork or gut feelings? Do you spend hours on tasks that technology could automate? If you don’t streamline and plan strategically, you can get buried in admin, waste money on the wrong people, and end up with a website not saying or doing the right things to convert your audience.

That ends today. Begin your Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage.

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When you embark on your Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage with Oracle Tree, you’ll finally know where your business stands among competitors, understand your ideal audience on a granular level, and know exactly how to market your business online and offline. Our experts are here to help you digitally transform, streamline your workload, and automate campaigns that work.

What’s included in the Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage

Wish your brand had a more powerful presence online? Want to attract and convert more of your ideal customers and stop wasting time on repetitive tasks? Need help crafting a winning digital marketing strategies with automation baked in? It’s no longer enough to have a gorgeous website. To compete online, you need a Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage.

Business Deep Dive

In a series of online or face-to-face interviews, we’ll find out everything there is to know about your business, goals, challenges, and current processes and tech stack

Customer Avatar Workshop

We figure out who your ideal customers are, how they behave, what they want, and how you can solve their problems, creating customer avatars to inform your strategy

Competitor Analysis Workshop

We see what others are doing in your industry, what’s working for them and what isn’t so we can help you find your perfect place in the market and stand out

Strategy Development

Now we have an in-depth view of your business, audience, and competitive landscape, we recommend the best marketing growth strategies, tactics, and automation tech to get you from A to B

Solution Presentation

We present the results of our deep research and give you our recommendations to maximise your return on investment and make the most of what you already have

Proposal presentation

Finally, we work on a detailed proposal outlining everything in your strategy, pricing, and timelines. If you wish, we can present this proposal to you for your consideration


Want to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level? In our Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage+ package you’ll get everything in our original package, but with two additional workshops to enhance your strategy even further – our popular Customer Journey and Brand Archetype workshops.


We help you piece together your customer journey from finding you online to biting the bullet, so you can create targeted and compelling automated campaigns that say the right thing at the right time and nudge customers along their journey – without you lifting a finger.


Your brand archetype is how your customers perceive you, your values, what you offer, and why you exist. You’ll learn about the 12 archetypes and identify your own ones to level up your branding game and make a lasting impression online.


Ready to begin your voyage?

Marama has spent the last 15+ years helping people across the globe design strategy-first digital marketing solutions that produce actual results for their businesses.

She loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and empowering the next generation of conscious-minded business owners who are looking to make an impact.

Why not book in for a FREE 20 minute Strategy Session with her today!

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Check out our frequently asked questions

How long does The Marketing & Digital Strategy
Voyage take?

Typically, it takes around two weeks to complete your Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage. For Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage+, the process may take longer, depending on your unique business needs.

If I like the final strategy, can I implement it

Yes, of course! Once we reach the final stage of your Marketing & Digital Strategy Voyage, you’ll receive a highly personalised, actionable, and detailed strategy that’s yours to do what you want with! Or, if you’d prefer, we can execute your strategy for you.

Who will be working with me on The Marketing
& Digital Strategy Voyage?

Pretty much our entire team! You’ll have a dedicated crew of experienced marketers, web designers, and strategists all working together to design your digital strategy and take you through your journey.

What format will The Marketing & Digital
Strategy Voyage take?

Your journey takes place through interviews, workshops, and strategy sessions online at agreed upon times.