Posted On 02 Feb 2022
Marama Carmichael

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, then you might already know that it’s content marketing that can make the difference in driving more people to your business. But it isn’t enough to just create good content. It’s great content that makes digital marketing strategies deliver results.

Why Content Marketing Is Important

There are several reasons why content marketing is extremely important in your digital marketing strategy. The first, is that it encourages users to contact a business for more information on their products and services. Before online users make a purchase, they usually go through each stage of the customer journey. Thanks to content marketing, businesses can reach potential buyers during any stage of the journey.

Another benefit, is that it encourages customers to make quicker decisions. When you compose well-written and developed content, you’re not only giving your brand a positive reputation, but you’re also establishing trust with potential buyers. Once users have a solid understanding of a company as a top provider that delivers high-quality products and/or services, they’re more likely to make quicker decisions.

What’s more, content marketing can give your business a positive experience with potential clients, besides compel them to want to return to your website for more. In other words, it’s an ideal strategy for grabbing the attention of an audience, while making an ongoing, positive brand impression.

Characteristics of Great Content

Focuses on the needs of their readers

While good content may be able to anticipate questions from readers, great content focuses on their needs. Thus, to create great content, you must be aware of the needs and demands of your audience and be prepared to deliver it.

Uses brand storytelling

Good content may provide all the needed information on a product but still fail to show potential customers how your brand can help them. That’s where storytelling comes in. Keep in mind how content is a type of storytelling. Although your goal is to sell your products and/or services, your customers need to know if your brand can be useful and beneficial to them before they make a purchase. Therefore, use stories of satisfied customers who have benefited from using your brand.

Provides credibility

Another difference between good content and great content is that writers of exceptional content include more data and sources for their readers. They fact-check what they write, backing up their claims from reliable sources. This gives their work credibility rather than only offering their opinions.

Covers the total picture or story

Often, good content doesn’t always present the full story or a clear picture. But if you want to write great content, you can’t ignore different points of view. Instead, offer several perspectives on a topic. By failing to provide opposing viewpoints, you may lose the trust of your readers.

What To Remember When Creating Great Content

  • Write strong headlines that are compelling. Remember, it’s your headline that gives readers their first impression of your content. A magnetic headline should draw viewers without telling the entire story.
  • Expect to do at least one rewrite. To make content even better, you’ll need to put in some more effort. Even writers of exceptional content realize that their first draft usually isn’t perfect.
  • When looking over your first draft, look for any clutter and remove it.
  • Be sure your content teaches readers something they need to know, besides helps them clearly understand the solutions they’re seeking.
  • Ensure that you give equal attention to content, data and products.
  • Check to be sure that each piece of content you create has a specific purpose or objective.

Putting It Together

Even though good content may give answers to your readers’ questions and even give them what they ask for, great content does more. Great content not only addresses needs but it also delivers the best possible solutions. Don’t settle for just good content.

At Oracle Tree, we have experts in all areas of marketing growth strategy. Contact us for more information and to set up a free strategy call. Our highly-qualified team of content creators and copywriters can help you compose great content for your business’ marketing needs.

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