Posted On 15 Jun 2022
Venetia Hillary

Content is king, but you’ll need an audience to discover and consume it first. Your content must be optimized for search engines to consistently rank high and attract your target audience. Your content must retain its value over time to score well in searches too. But how do you come up with useful content? Evergreen content is the real deal. So, what exactly is evergreen marketing, why is evergreen content beneficial to SEO – and why should it be part of your digital marketing strategy?

What is Evergreen Content? 

Marketers use the phrase “evergreen” in digital marketing strategies content to describe information that will always be relevant to readers. The phrase comes from evergreen trees, which keep their leaves throughout the year.

Evergreen content is information that will remain relevant for a long time and drive traffic long after it has been published. The following are some common evergreen formats to consider:

  • Listicles
  • Tips
  • Some videos
  • Product reviews
  • How-to content
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Testimonials
  • Industry resources
  • Glossaries of terms and phrases

Why it’s Important

1. Gets higher search engine ranking

Long after it’s been published, well-written evergreen content will continue to bring traffic to your website. Having evergreen content on your site allows you to deliver helpful and high-quality content to your viewers without having to continually refresh it. Because evergreen content has no expiration date and uses popular keywords that are frequently searched, search engines are more likely to return to a specific piece of material.

2. Generates leads

Evergreen content helps you in generating leads over time. Since your content will be ranking high and you will have increased traffic to your site, you can optimize your posts to gather leads. These posts will bring you a steady stream of leads without you really doing anything.

3. Drives regular organic traffic

Because evergreen content ranks well in search engines, it is found more frequently and receives organic traffic at a steady rate over time.

4. Supports long-term SEO strategy

You can naturally incorporate keywords into your text and create internal links to other parts of your site.

Content Ideas and How to Repurpose

  • Write for the people, not the experts: You may feel compelled to create an article demonstrating your knowledge on a certain subject, but this is a big mistake. Experts are less inclined to seek assistance; your target audience is mostly beginners, and you should create content for them.
  • Narrow your topic: If you write on