Posted On 06 Apr 2022
Jennaya Dyet

Most people think their website content is merely a way of providing information to their customer. They don’t realise that it’s also a form of marketing! Anything that can potentially bring you new customers is a form of marketing – think leads. So any contact which your customer has with your company or your product, from watching an advertisement to going to a website, is marketing.

Even seeing somebody using a certain product can be marketing. In fact, this is the idea behind influencer marketing – you get popular people to use your product, and when their followers see them doing so, they’re tempted to do so too!

But how do you actually write online content in such a way that it attracts new viewers and even helps convert them into customers? Well, here are some common sense tips which are nevertheless very useful:

Conversational Tone

It’s important for your content to have a conversational tone to be easily understood by your audience. Using a lot of jargon might impress your viewers at first, but eventually it just turns them off and makes them look elsewhere to satisfy their needs.


In addition to writing in a conversational tone, you also have to give your viewers the information they need in order to decide. Don’t give so much information that they become deluged with it. They don’t need to know about each and every step of the production process. But don’t give too little either. Make note of the things people usually ask about and make sure to  address them in your FAQ section.


Content does not only refer to written content, even though this is how the term’s generally used – it also refers to images and video! So it’s a good idea to choose your images and video with care.. Try to make your visual content as relatable as possible for your audience. This means being diversity!


A lot of people have become lazy when it comes to reading and now prefer videos instead. So, you might want to make a video about the same material that you’ve written about. They don’t need to be very long videos. 60 seconds is generally the time limit for most short-form videos nowadays. Plus, they can be informally shot by you or a member of your team, using a phone and a tripod.


Content marketing can be double-effective if you give people the option of buying the product right away, on the website itself. So if you sell the kind of product that can be delivered to people in their homes, then consider e-commerce. If you provide a service, then you can make it possible for people to make an online appointment to avail themselves of the service.

Multichannel Marketing

Your content may be great but it may not be reaching as many people as you want, in which case it’s a good idea to rework content for various platforms. There are loads of platforms you can consider, such as a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc.

Positive, Upbeat Content

When possible, make an effort to keep your content positive and upbeat. Most people are attracted by sensationalistic, negative content about whatever is happening in the world at the moment. But if you can write about something which will help to improve their lives, then they are sure to appreciate it and will eventually buy your product.


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