Posted On 12 Oct 2022
Venetia Hillary

After launching a comprehensive, compelling and cutting-edge web experience along with optimising the brand’s social media channels, Wheatley Finance grew to be a market leader and bagged the Best Broker Award in VIC/TAS for 2021 making us super proud as their website development agency.

It is really easy to get overwhelmed by inauthentic business advice and hot pot marketing “strategists” who sell fluffy digital marketing advice under the grab of cheap tactics. Hence, many business owners often fail to see the value of SEO-friendly websites in today’s digital world.

Despite proven statistics, almost 50% of brands do NOT have a website for their brand. As a website design agency, this is alarming as your site can not only be a huge source of sales-qualified leads for your business, but also a great place for you to educate your potential customers about not only your goods and services but who you are as a company. People buy from companies they feel align with their values. And what better way to put your best *personality* foot forward than with a beautiful website that shows you actually care about your customers through great UX design!

Deep Dive on a Client

Wheatley Finance, founded by Andrew, is an award-winning mortgage brokerage based in Melbourne with over 20 years of experience. The business was already in its growth stage and like every other business owner, Andrew wanted the business to grow much bigger while creating a more seamless workflow, allowing for less reliance on him. However, as a business gets bigger, the pain points get bigger. 

The brand’s social media presence was lacking and did not elicit any interest. Additionally, their website was