Posted On 09 Jun 2021
Venetia Hillary

Nurturing customer relationships isn’t just for Business to Customer (B2C) companies where each customer is an individual. In Business to Business (B2B) industries, keeping your customers engaged and invested in your partnership with them is just as important – perhaps even more! Using automation to nurture B2B customers could be the key to you success.

Unlike in B2C industries – where you might have hundreds or thousands of potential fish swimming in your pond (i.e target market) – in a B2B relationship, each one of your customers has the potential to represent a large percentage of your total annual business. How you nurture them should hence be one of your biggest marketing considerations.

Personalisation is Key!

B2B customer nurturing isn’t quite the same as working direct with individual consumers. For instance, one of the most effective strategies to emerge in recent years has been personalisation. A study by data company Accenture found that 41% of US B2B customers switched companies last year over a lack of personalisation. But a successful personalisation campaign can be tricky for small businesses to achieve, due in large part to limited resources. Personalisation takes time and requires a human touch. Both of these things can be scarce in a small company. One way that small businesses can achieve a successful level of personalisation is by using automation.

We believe that every business should be using marketing automation (in some way) as a way of keeping their customers engaged and feeling nurtured. It is the ideal way to show your customers that your company cares about them and their pain points on a systemic level. To read more blogs from us about the power of automation click here and here. This blog is specific to nurturing B2B customers relationships however, so we’ve put together five examples of how you can start use automated marketing to nurture your B2B customer relationships right away!

1. Personalise Specials and Sales to Individual Clients

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