Posted On 13 Nov 2018
Marama Carmichael

Marketing automation is indeed the wave of the future in business marketing. It simplifies the basic and redundant tasks that otherwise take up a lot of time during the day by making them automatically done on a schedule. This eliminates, for example, having to manually go in and click what emails and posts need sent out. It’s already done, and the day is freed up in the process!

Marketing Automation Defined

By definition, marketing automation is a type of software that exists with the goal of automating tasks such as social media posts, ads, emails, and other website-oriented actions. That being said, marketing automation is not an easy task to implement, as it requires the most effective software brands as well as knowing what your business and audience want and need from you. So how does someone use marketing automation software effectively?

Where Most Businesses Go Wrong

First, let’s get to know where marketing automation falls short. The place to start is with people using marketing automation software before they are anywhere near ready to do so. This is probably basic knowledge to most people, but it is generally best to first get to know your audience and what they want/need from you as a business entity before filling up their inbox with automatic emails and making automated posts that may not pertain to what they’re interested in. It will likely appear as spam, and people won’t like your stuff.

Businesses also fall short when they zero in on the small fraction of the market they already have while their competition goes and grabs the larger piece of the pie, as it were. It is crucial for all businesses, on and offline, to ask themselves questions such as, “Do I have all the leads to make my business flourish?” If they don’t, that’s reason to look at the bigger picture and figure out how to get those leads. Marketing automation relies upon business owners knowing their market. Know your market, and the software will get you the best results possible.

What’s the Best Method?

Next, let’s get to know what method is generally the best option for effective marketing automation. That method is called inbound marketing, and it deals with all of the data that centers around the prospect, or the audience, and what information they need to know in order to do business with you. Good inbound marketing also evolves with the needs of your consumer base, and looks at far more than just emails. It looks at the spending habits of your consumers, and strategically places ads where your audience goes. This is what makes pay-per-click a workable method for generating leads and revenue for bloggers and the like. Inbound marketing combined with marketing automation treats the multiple channels of online communication as a two-way path to send and receive messages with the consumer base.

Keys To Success

There are two keys for success in marketing automation; the first is to recognise that marketing automation is not meant to do all the marketing for you, but is there to help you scale the size of your marketing plan. This is done by creating content that is a good fit for your audience and speaks to their needs, wants, and challenges. The second key is to treat the individual members of the audience as people. Treat them like they are an individual you would meet face to face in a friendly setting, and speak to their needs accordingly. Don’t treat them as clicks on a page or an email sent. These are real people that like your work; recognise them as real in return!

Long Story Short

Marketing automation is indeed a grand invention that is meant to simplify the lives of business owners everywhere provided they use it correctly. Remember your audience and what they need, and the software will bring you the success you want.

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