Posted On 02 Dec 2021
Venetia Hillary

Social media continues to define how we consume information. Short-form videos offer a way many people, especially the younger generation, consume information today. They are drawn to short-form videos more than long-form videos, and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. It is slowly becoming a permanent fixture in how people of all ages engage with the world. Even big brands like Netflix have realised how effective they are and launched Fast Laughs.

What Is a Short-Form Video?

As the name suggests, these are videos that are short in length. If you look at the guidelines of social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook, you will get a rough idea of what a short-form video is. These videos are short but still get the message across. If you wish to use them to take your online marketing to another level, you need to learn how to present your message quickly.

How short should it be?

Many factors determine how short a short-form video should be. These include the places it will appear, the content itself, and the features you add to it. For example, Twitter requires the video to be 140 seconds in length. TikTok can allow you to upload a 15-second video. So generally, you have to consider different factors to determine how short your video should be. The most important thing is to make sure the video conveys the information you wish your audience to have.

Why are short-form videos popular?

Short-form videos are all the rage on social media, and it’s easy to see why— they provide an easy and efficient way to access information. Besides, nowadays, people share videos more than any other type of content. Moreover, about 84% of people are convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video. Such figures shed light on why short-form videos are all the rage today and why you should consider including them in your marketing strategy.

How to include them into your content strategy

It is easy to add these videos to your content strategy; include them in the same way as you do the long-form videos, which have been around for quite some time. Before you do that, make sure they have the information you wish to convey. Also, you need to make sure they meet the requirements of the place you intend to post them. For example, if you want your videos to appear on Twitter, make sure they are 140 seconds in length. The same thing applies to all other platforms.

Tips for creating short-form videos

Use more user-generated content

User-generated content influences the purchasing decisions of many consumers today. So, instead of using influencer or brand-generated content, spend a few resources on leveraging user-generated content to create your videos.

Choose the length that works for you

Different social media platforms have guidelines on the length of videos to upload on their platforms. As such, it is vital to consider a platform that allows you to include as much information as possible in your videos. While less is better, it is always crucial to ensure your video has all the essential information you intend to provide.

More behind the scene videos

70% of consumers feel connected to brands whose CEOs are active on social media. Now that consumers today value transparency and authenticity, you want to consider creating short videos that engage with your consumers or visitors personally.

Wrap up

Short-form videos are here with us, and there is no sign of their popularity fading any time soon. They are the future of social media marketing, and the earlier you leverage them, the better.

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