Posted On 13 Jul 2022
Venetia Hillary

Twitter is a renowned social media platform founded in 2006. The platform has amassed many users over time. As of 2019, Twitter had roughly 290.5 million users. By the year 2024, according to forecasts, there will be approximately 340 million Twitter users.

Twitter users log on every day for different reasons. Some users utilise the platform to catch up on local and global news. Other users log on for entertainment. It is where links are shared, news is broken and memes are born. However, a business can utilise the platform for marketing and networking. Read on to understand Twitter’s new advertiser tools and features.

Branded Likes

Twitter introduced branded likes to boost hashtag campaigns. A hashtag campaign is a Twitter marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. For example, a hashtag campaign is recommendable if you are trying to introduce a new product.

Twitter has a standard heart animation that users use to like tweets on the platform. The branded like is only for advertising purposes. You must start a hashtag campaign for users to utilise the branded like campaign.  Each tweet that contains the specific hashtag will have the custom branded like. For 24 hours, any individual who likes a tweet with a specific hashtag can utilise the custom branded like.

Dynamic Product Adverts

As a business, you know your target market. However, this target market has many people with different wants, needs, and preferences. Your adverts have to be relevant to reach the targeted audience. For example, your business should aim to personalise adverts based on consumer data.

The dynamic product adverts tool enables your business to personalise the contents of your ads. The main aim is to ensure that they reach the right people. Adverts are only effective when the right users interact with them.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation should be the core of all your marketing campaigns. The new Twitter conversion optimisation tool will allow you to reach the relevant people. The most relevant people are the ones on the lower funnel. These are potential consumers who are now aware of your products and services.

You may start to notice some website action from these groups of people. For example, they may add products to a cart or purchase goods.

Location Spotlight

The location spotlight feature is an excellent way to interact with consumers. Through the feature, your business can display critical information that consumers need. The information includes the business location, business operation hours, and the different contact methods.

You can display multiple contact methods. For example, you can allow consumers to use the business number, direct messaging, emails, and texts.

Twitter Business Settings

Twitter settings are integral as they help you tailor the platform as you please. You can manage your assets, employees, and other essential things using these settings.

App Purchase Optimisation

As a business, you probably want your marketing campaigns to generate leads. App Purchase Optimisation is a tool that helps a business deliver ads to the right audience. These people would be highly interested in purchasing your products!


Notes is an interesting feature that is about to be released. The feature will give all writers a platform. As of now, one tweet can only hold 280 characters. The notes feature allows writers to write more with no limitations.

Twitter users globally can read content enabled by the Notes feature. They will also be able to read, retweet, quote, and like the notes. It could be a great tool for your business. You could use it to explain to consumers and potential consumers about your products and services.


Today’s online platforms have enabled businesses to enhance their digital presence. Twitter’s new advertiser tools and features can help you scale up your business.

The current market is very competitive. Your business can stay ahead of the competition through marketing. Oracle Tree has a group of dedicated professionals ready to help you grow your business. The team can guide and advise you depending on your marketing needs.

Contact us today and start your journey to continuous growth and success.

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