Posted On 12 May 2021
Venetia Hillary

What small business owner wouldn’t want to walk into a room filled with people that have needs only you can fulfil? This is one of the reasons why social media marketing can be so effective. Nowhere else will you get access to such a targeted and engaged audience for your messaging! Generating social media content ideas that are fresh and exciting is something even the most seasoned content marketer can struggle with though.

What Can Social Media Do for My Business?


Over 3 billion people are now signed up to one or more social media platforms, and they’re spending between 2 to 3 hours logged in each day! Social media marketing has become a very profitable channel for small businesses. With your potential customers spending so much of their time in these virtual spaces, it could actually be very detrimental to your brand if you’re not visible there as well. You can read more about why we think your business should be on social media here and here.

What Type of Social Media Content Should I Post?


In any given minute, thousands of new posts are uploaded onto social media. In order to be seen and successfully digested by your audience, your content must be distinctive, memorable and impactful. Sounds easy enough, right? If you’ve ever had to generate social media content ideas, you’d know that that is easier said than done. Telling your unique story and giving viewers a reason to stop and engage through your content alone is no mean feat. Generating content consistently, in a way that keeps it feeling fresh and exciting is another matter entirely.

Planning out your social media content monthly is a great way of pre-empting those less than creative days. Ensuring that it always falls within the following five content pillars (or categories) will make sure that you get maximum effect for your efforts.

It adds value to your customer’s life.

It educates your customer.

It connects your customer with your business.

It excites your customer into taking an action.

It sells a product or service.


10 Social Media Content Ideas To Inspire You


For those times when you’re stuck for content ideas, use the below list as inspiration!

  1. What’s Your Unique Story? Customers love to know what is going on behind the scenes in your business. Tell them how you got started, show them pictures of you and your team in action, give them the inside scoop on what happens in a day. Things that you find mundane because you do them everyday, might actually be super interesting to your customers!
  2. Show Your Happy Customers! Why not create a branded hashtag and then invite your customers to use it when submitting their testimonials or when sharing their experiences.
  3. Discuss Industry Trends. Talking about the up-and-coming movements in your industry shows that you are proactive about keeping your customers informed and an expert in your field. How will new research/technology affect their quality of life?
  4. Before and After Shots. Show the results of solutions you have designed to handle problems, so your customers can see your level of expertise. What did you have in mind for them when you developed your products and services?
  5. How-To. Create check lists your customers can easily follow to achieve a goal. It shows that you care enough to share the wisdom of your experience. Their trust in you as a reliable resource grows.
  6. Mistakes to Avoid. Your customers can relate to you as human when you are transparent about your mistakes. Be honest about your failures and explain how they can learn from your experiences.
  7. FAQs. What are the most frequently asked questions your organisation receives? Save your customers some time searching by posting those questions with your answers, making it relevant to their world today.
  8. Stimulate Engagement By Asking What Content They Want to See. Your customers love it when you ask them what they want. Offer simple surveys or simply ask what kind of information is most valuable to them.
  9. Business Successes and Setbacks. Your customers are uplifted by success stories. Tell them about the challenges and bumps along the road you have faced. Share how you got past it and how they can do it too.
  10. Throwback. Nostalgic pictures are a way to share funny old clothing and hairstyles. It gives the opportunity to reflect on positive moments, life lessons and show how far you have come as well as show the human side to your company


Want a Bonus Content Idea?


Video is the most highly consumed content on social media right now. Your customers prefer them and engagement with video is higher than any other content style. Try and incorporate video in as much of the content you generate as possible – it will go a long way to personifying your brand and building rapport.

Do you need help with your social media marketing strategy?


You have worked diligently to build your business. No one knows it like you do. You are the ultimate resource for unique content ideas your customers will appreciate. At Oracle Tree, our goal is to help you streamline your great ideas. Let’s collaborate to develop an outstanding content strategy that will reflect your brand perfectly. We love the creative process so get in touch today and lets re-energise your social content calendar and grow your business in exciting new ways.

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