Posted On 13 Oct 2021
Jennaya Dyet

Once you’ve written a blog, it seems like people will just come and read it. However, that’s not often the case. You have to work to grow your blog! One good way to do this, is by incorporating social media into your marketing campaign.

Here are some ways that you can use social media to increase traffic to your site and grow your blog!

Make sure that you are on several social media sites! 

You should be on Twitter and Facebook already. If you can handle a few more, why not try? Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are some great ones, though you should make sure that you choose your platforms wisely. Some work better for certain businesses, while the others are great for different industries!

It is not enough to just be on them.

You have to be active on your platforms. Make sure that you’re posting regularly, and interacting with those who are liking, sharing, and responding to your posts! It can also help to engage with other similar businesses to yours, so that you can catch the attention of their followers.

Then, promote your blogs on social media.

Every time that you publish a new blog post, you need to let your audience know! If you don’t see much response, you can always repurpose your content for future posts. The more that you get the information in front of readers, the more likely it’ll be noticed.

However, you can go overboard so make sure that you just don’t copy and paste it several times. Make changes and see what works and what doesn’t for your audience!

Make sure that you use images!

Since there are so many posts every second, you have to find a way to catch the attention of your followers! The easiest way to do so, is by adding images. Posts that are only text, are often overlooked in favour of those with images. However, it is important that your images relate to your blog post!

Don’t forget to add a call to action!

While adding a link directly to your blog post is necessary, it doesn’t always mean that readers will follow through and actually click on it. Make sure you add something to your posts, that tells your audience you want them to read your latest blog post!

Don’t forget to look at your analytics.

Google Analytics is essential for marketers who are trying to bring traffic to their website and blog. Make sure you take note of what types of posts work well for your audience and which fall flat. Also pay attention to the timing. By looking at your analytics, you can see when your ideal audience is online, even if that is not necessarily when others say that you should be posting!

Though most people think that they will write a blog post and everything will fall into place, the simple truth is that it takes work to bring traffic to your blog. However, social media is a great tool to help your readers discover your blogs. The first thing that you need to do is have profiles on several platforms and use them regularly. If you only post when a new blog comes out, it may become lost in your followers feed.

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