Posted On 22 Dec 2021
Marama Carmichael

The digital marketing environment is constantly challenging and changing. The consumer base is still saturated, and it is difficult to determine what 2022 may bring to the digital marketing scene. However, specific trends will likely predominate next year as there is a decisive shift to include them in helping to reduce customer demands.

Here are the top six trends that should be on your radar as you shift focus to next year.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The rise in AI in digital marketing will gather more pace in the coming year than ever before. It has been coming up on many digital trends for some time now, and many companies continue to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and analyse data. They can use these insights to enhance their decision-making and improve digital marketing strategies.

AI is used to cutting across many industries, and chances are you may already be using it as part of your digital marketing strategy. AI is effective for chatbots for CRM, smart bidding on Google Ads, and Facebook IQ for Facebook advertisers. These are the practical opportunities that enable you to reach out to a broader customer base.

Voice Assistance

According to a Mediaweek report, about 42% of Australians use smart speakers equipped with Apple Siri or Google Assistant. They use them to interact with brands, services, and products.

In other news, industry experts believe that these conversational marketing technologies will be embedded in consumer behaviour in the future. Voice assistance and the use of chatbots in business have a ton of benefits, such as:

  • It helps to invite more customers automatically and supports all stages of the journey; from acquisition, conversion, and to retention.
  • You can address essential customers’ needs without requiring additional resources.
  • It is practical to scale to meet high demands.
  • Available 24/7

Alternatives to Third-Party Cookies Due To Apple iOS 15 Update

Privacy issues have been an issue globally, and now consumers want to control their data. The tech giants are giving in to such demands, as Apple’s iOS 15 update completely changed the industry. It gives users the ability to opt-out of in-app targeting or tracking.

Google is also on the radar to follow suit with a privacy plan that will remove all third-party cookies from Google Chrome, come 2023.

Therefore, it is time to embrace CRM tools, surveys, and interactive content, instead of relying on third-party apps. This will enable you to reach the right people without the help of third-party data.

Increased Use of Short-form videos

The popularity and growth of short-form videos proliferated within the period of the pandemic. Most people relied more on watching videos for entertainment, which reached many customers. There is also a rise in multiple platforms for posting videos, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels.

Studies show that about 84% of shoppers purchase products based on a brand’s video. It will continue to make waves in 2022 as a great addition to your SEO strategy.

Increase in Virtual Events

Even as countries start opening up their borders, people who have tasted the effectiveness of virtual events are happy to continue embracing them in the future. Now, 97% of event marketers say that they will implement a hybrid environment for their events. It will help cut down costs while offering businesses a chance to have access to a broad customer base.

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