Posted On 18 May 2022
Venetia Hillary

Marketing takes A LOT of time and effort, and sometimes you make mistakes unknowingly. If you don’t catch these mistakes early on, they will keep hurting your marketing efforts. Here’s a look at the 10 most common marketing mistakes to avoid to take your business to the next level.

1.      A Poor Understanding of the Target Audience

The best starting point to creating a marketing campaign that works, is understanding your target audience. Failure to understand what your customers want will put you at risk of wasting your marketing resources. Obtain as much information as possible about your target audience, including their:

  • Demographic information
  • Age
  • Purchasing power
  • Interest
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Education

This information is crucial in structuring your campaign message.

2.      Trying to Please Everyone

No matter how hard you try to present your brand, products, or services as the best, not everyone will like your business. That’s why it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. Instead of spending so much time trying to create a campaign that pleases everyone, figure out what is pleasing to your target audience.

3.      Not Critically Thinking Out Your Marketing Strategy

After picking out information about your target audience, it’s crucial to tailor your marketing message around that data. Having customer data is pointless if you don’t use it in creating your marketing strategy. Analyse the outcome of previous campaigns and determine whether you need to drop or enhance them.

4.      Ineffective Use of Social Media

People spend an average of 147 minutes on social media daily. If you’re not leveraging the platform for marketing, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to reach a bigger audience. Approximately 78% of small businesses acquire at least one new customer through social media.

5.      Copying the Competition

When you see your rivals doing something right, the temptation is to copy their strategy, which only sets you up for failure. Be creative enough and come up with something that makes you stand out from the competition. Find that one thing that makes your business unique and capitalize on it.

6.      Not Paying Attention to the Competition

While you shouldn’t copy-paste what your competitors do in their marketing efforts, don’t ignore their presence. Update yourself with what they’re doing and how well they’re doing it, and develop more creative ways to *beat* them.

7.      Disregarding Your Website

Your website can be a source of organic traffic, but only if you use it correctly. Optimize your website the right way and regularly. Pay keen attention to your site’s load speed, content quality, visual and video presentation, and brand consistency. If customers are dissatisfied with your website’s performance, they won’t return.

8.      Poor Content Quality

You may not realise it, but customers pay attention to the quality of content you present to them. If your business heavily relies on paid advertising, the chances are high that you overlook content planning. No matter how high your website ranks on search engines, customers will ignore a site with poor content quality.

9.      Not Offering Discount Coupons

Everyone loves discounts, freebies, and festive sales that businesses offer when marketing. If you don’t incorporate such in your marketing strategy, you’re making a mistake and probably not realizing it! Freebies increase your brand awareness and enable you to target the right audience.

10. Frequently Changing Your Marketing Strategy

Changing a marketing strategy that doesn’t seem to yield results a few days after implementing it can be tempting. It’s a mistake you must avoid, especially since patience yields results. Marketing success calls for a lot of work and patience. It’s not synonymous with instant coffee that can be ready in under a minute.

Final Thoughts

Does marketing seem like too much work and doesn’t yield the results you want as soon as you want them? Worry no more, as marketing experts at Oracle Tree can work with you to untangle your marketing mess, creating room for your business to grow. Contact us today to get in touch with the professionals that will perfect your marketing strategy.

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