Posted On 08 Feb 2023
Venetia Hillary

As a small business owner in Australia, you must understand the importance of developing your brand voice as part of your brand marketing strategy. Having an intentional and unified tone will help differentiate your business from competitors, create consistency across platforms and build customer trust. From reflecting your values to connecting with customers emotionally, setting a distinct voice for your brand is worth investing time in. Read on to understand what is a brand voice, and the tips for developing it.

What is a Brand Voice? And Why Does Your Small Business Need One

What is a Brand Voice? 

Brand marketing companies always go on about the importance of brand voice: the tone, style, and personality of an organisation’s communication. It’s the language used in customer service emails, social media posts, advertising campaigns, and website copy. A brand voice conveys emotions and values to customers and helps them develop a connection with your business.

Why Does Your Small Business Need One? 

With a consistent tone of voice across all your customer touchpoints, it’s easier for customers to understand who you are as a business. Establishing a strong brand voice helps customers recognize and remember your company so that they become loyal customers in the future, think marketing growth strategy mindset. Here are five reasons why having a distinct brand voice is important for any small business:

  • Establishes familiarity in your relationships with customers: An identifiable way of speaking will help give customers an emotional connection to your company and make them feel more comfortable doing business with you.
  • Helps build trust with potential buyers by showing that you are reliable and professional