Posted On 28 Sep 2022
Jennaya Dyet

As the world strives to live sustainably, your business should look into ways to reduce its carbon footprint. A higher footprint results in climate change, which affects natural resources and human health. Remember, as a business, from a marketing consultancy to mining, daily activities like disposing of waste materials negatively impact the environment.

But what can you do for such activities, to reduce your carbon footprint? This article will help you understand more about carbon footprint and how you can minimise your impact.

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse (including carbon dioxide) emission into the atmosphere which results from individual actions. Too much carbon dioxide in the air will lead to climatic change affecting the environment and people’s normal way of life.

How Businesses Increase Their Carbon Footprint

Daily activities at your business premises can increase your carbon footprint. They include:

Electricity Use

Did you know that the electricity you use at your business contributes to a larger carbon footprint? This is because companies producing electricity burn fossil fuels which emit carbon dioxide into the air. So, if your business runs on high electricity, your carbon footprint will be higher.

Fuel Usage

You have to produce and supply your products or meet clients in various locations as a business. Remember, oil-powered vehicles release carbon dioxide when running. If you make more trips, your fuel consumption will increase your carbon footprint.


The waste from your business also contributes to your carbon footprint. When the solid waste from your business lands in a landfill, it starts to break down with the help of microbes. The waste decomposes and releases methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. This increases your business’s carbon footprint, and you need to look into it.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Use the following tips to help reduce the carbon footprint of your business:

Use LED Lights

LED lights consume less power than standard bulbs. So, if you fix them on your business premises, the electricity consumpt