Posted On 19 May 2021
Nikk Carmichael

It’s Wee Waa like “War” not Wee Waa like “Wah” (baby crying). Get it? Good!

An update from Wee Waa.

Welcome to the next update on my adventures in Wee Waa. To catch-up and read the first instalment click here.

So, I’ve started to have guests arrive at the house/studio. Actually a flurry of them!

Marama and our daughter Emily just came for the weekend, then a dear friend and long time customer came up for a few days to record some demos. My parents will be coming up soon to take their first look at the place plus my brother is threatening a flyby at some point. That’s a lot of traffic. Especially for a small town out this far!

Obviously I’ve been working to get the place looking nice (and de-moused) and comfy for my visitors.  I’m putting in more beds and such….  The many bedrooms that have, up until now, not needed to have people sleep in them have been rather handy for storing things.  I had dedicated one entire bedroom just to cables,  all neatly laid out on the floor.  Now I’m tidying all that away in place of the more BnB side of things to start taking shape.

I’ve gotten used to being alone here though – it will definitely be a little strange to have guests! So I’ve decided to instil a little Wee Waa tradition for whenever someone comes to stay.

Visitors are to bring these three things: 

  • A picture for the wall
  • A book for the library
  • A bottle for the bar

I wonder whether that sounds a bit presumptuous. Oh well. I like it! Let me elaborate.

A picture for the wall.

This is a big house. I mean, it’s no Downton Abbey but it’s pretty big! It has three-metre high ceilings throughout most of it, so there’s a lot of hanging space. I’ve hung a few pictures that have meaning up on the walls, but there’s a LOT of room for more. 

I’m not suggesting that my guests need to bring some major work of art (although they can if they desire!)  I’m saying they should bring something, in a frame, for the wall.  It could be a photo of them (hopefully autographed) and even better if it’s of them and me.  It could be a picture they painted, a CD that I worked on with them, a crayon scrawl that their kid drew,  a photo that came with the frame (if done in irony could be a statement.  Once again, more points if it’s autographed).  

It should say something about the person who brings it that will live on in memory and add to the history of this already historical house.  Whatever it is should be a statement that you want to leave standing in Wee Waa.  I intend those pictures to be here for a very long time.  I don’t want to cover the walls in thi