Posted On 07 Dec 2022
Venetia Hillary

Christmas break is a time for rest, but it can be challenging to switch off when you’re self-employed. Unlike having a 9-5 job, running a business requires unwavering dedication and being on top of everything, every time. So, while others relish in the Christmas cheer, business owners are too busy putting out fires and handling last-minute projects.

With today’s competitive business landscape, most business owners can’t help but treat Christmas like a normal workday. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We’re here to help. In today’s post, we’ll share how to kick your feet up and switch off for the Christmas break like a boss.

Manage Your Expectations

The first step towards successfully transitioning into the Christmas break is managing your expectations. While it can be tempting to take on extra work or push out a few final projects before you go on holiday, try not to overload yourself.

Accept that even if you work through the Christmas holiday, it’s likely that tasks won’t get completed. With everyone taking a break, you will likely have trouble getting responses from suppliers and clients. Focus only on tasks that need to be done before going on your break.

Set Boundaries & Delegate

It’s also important to set boundaries for yourself during the Christmas break. This means setting rules around your work hours and determining which responsibilities should fall on your plate over the holidays. For example, you could decide that only essential tasks and emails will be responded to during this time.

Another good strategy is to enlist the help of a trusted network. This may mean hiring a few extra employees for holiday shifts and ensuring your existing employees are properly trained, and you trust them to get the job done. Do a few trial runs, find out where there could be any potential problems, and come up with emergency guidelines. Establishing some ground rules will help you relax during the Christmas break.

Rediscover Your Personal Life

Most business owners have put their hearts and souls into their businesses and, in the process, lost touch with their personal lives. Christmas presents the ideal opportunity to rediscover your personal life and take a break from the business. Taking a Christmas break will only demonstrate your commitment to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Engage in some fun activities and hobbies you previously enjoyed before starting the business. These activities will help you reconnect with a forgotten side of you other than the business side.

Switch Off Your Gadgets

Finally, one more thing you can do to ensure you enjoy your Christmas break is to switch off your gadgets. This means resisting the urge to check email market updates on your phone, tablet, or computer. Instead, focus on spending time with loved ones, going for walks in nature, or reading a good book.

Let your clients know beforehand that you’ll be taking a Christmas break. This helps manage their expectations. Ensure they know who to contact in your absence and update the said person on the current issues.

Business Owners Deserve a Christmas Break

Remember, learning to switch off for the Christmas break is about self-care and taking care of your mental health. Your business is only as good as you are, so taking care of yourself is taking care of your business. Taking a Christmas break will enable you to enjoy quality time with friends and family, gain perspective and ensure you can better handle work pressures after the break. At Oracle Tree, we are more than just a marketing agency. We partner with you to help your business grow. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business reach the next level.

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