Posted On 26 Sep 2018
Marama Carmichael

Digital marketing has established itself as one of the most important tactics any business can use to solidify its brand and acquire more customers. Search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising are topics of discussion that have long been popular amongst professionals from all niches online, and social media marketing has become equally important, but how does it fit into the conversations that are already active? Read on….

They’re Watching You

In the past, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was a simple practice that required a business have keyword rich content that communicated specific things to website visitors and search engines. Now, if you want to succeed with SEO you’ll need a whole lot more.

It’s no secret that social media has become an important part of our daily lives as individuals and professionals. We use social media platforms to share opinions with peers, communicate ideas that paint pictures of our “real world” selves online, and to make purchasing decisions. If your business is looking to succeed online, you’ll need to be active within social media platforms.

Search engines are taking lots into consideration when deciding how to rank your websites within their indexes, and your business specific social media accounts play a big role. Engines like Google want to know that you are taking the time to establish your entire digital self online while giving customers access to your social media accounts.

Connecting your business’s social accounts to your core websites is important from a SEO perspective, but there is a lot more you can do with social.

Content Is Still King

Creating engaging content for your customers within platforms like Google and Twitter will increase the likelihood of your site receiving positive attention from search engines. Customers are also expecting that you stay active and cater to their needs via the use of social accounts. When you take the time to establish yourself within social accounts, you win.

The concept of providing people with useful and engaging content within your social accounts is simple, you create value for your brand by becoming more transparent and “real”. You’ll also want to come up with unique ways to provide value adds. Providing social media users with free content that helps them answer questions about your products and services is only a piece of the puzzle.

You can do all sorts of creative video marketing, you can create fun contests that encourage social users to interact with your accounts, and you can dream up lots more to improve your engagement level, and you can take advantage of the various social platform’s paid advertising options.

Data, Data, And More Data

When you pay for advertising within social accounts you are given access to all sorts of interesting demographic data. You can choose to reach customers wh