Posted On 26 Jan 2022
Venetia Hillary

We live in an age where the internet is overflowing with various pieces of information – unchecked pieces of advice! Hence, it’s about time some popular myths got busted!

Today, we will debunk some of the most common myths about digital marketing that you shouldn’t believe. Let’s start by reviewing what exactly digital marketing is.

What is digital marketing? 

Well, digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the promotion of a business with its products and services with potential customers over the internet and other electronic forms of communication. In other words, it encompasses the entire marketing practices that use the internet or electronic devices.

Top 5 myths to stop believing 

Below are the top 5 digital marketing myths:

1. Digital marketing only works for large businesses 

There has always been reluctance from small businesses to use digital marketing methods to promote their products and services. The primary thought is that digital marketing is best suited for large and established businesses with big budgets.

However, let’s put this straight, digital marketing is available to all businesses. Whether brick and mortar, e-commerce, or large corporations, any business can do online marketing. The size, industry, or products don’t affect your digital marketing ability.

2. Creating a website is all you need 

Another myth that has misled many people is that having a website is all you need for online marketing. Today, the internet is crowded and highly competitive; hence, having a presence isn’t enough. You require more than that!

Creating a website may only be a starting point to digital marketing. You need people to find you, interact with you, and become repeat customers. There’s more that goes into having a website, like SEO and PPC advertising.

3. Digital marketing isn’t a priority 

Most businesses do not prioritise digital marketing. The notion created is that digital marketing should be a plus or a bonus. Currently, digital marketing is essential for any business’s growth.

We’re living in an era of the internet – most people browse the internet to search and find products and services they need. So, if you aren’t prioritising digital marketing, you’re missing a golden opportunity to reach millions of internet users.

4. Creating content is enough 

“Content is king.” You’ve probably heard of this phrase a couple of times – it’s one of the overused clichés in digital marketing. Well, content matters, but you don’t just put content out there. It is not about the quantity of content but its quality.

Even if you have lots of content out there, their engagement is what counts! So, instead of creating many subpar pieces of content, start creating well-researched, relevant, and informative content to realise the fruits of content marketing.

5. SEO is dead 

With the ever-growing number of online businesses and internet marketing, SEO is more important than ever. Yes, social media has emerged and is widely used today, but many people still use search engines, like Google, to search for information about companies and their products before purchasing.

The only difference is that SEO has gotten highly competitive due to the constantly emerging new SEO standards. So, in addition to generating high-quality content, it requires more time, effort, and some expertise, which may prompt you to outsource your SEO strategy to a digital marketing agency. And while this may ask for more resources, there are many benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing, including:

  • Saving time to focus on your business
  • Cost-saving in the long run
  • Access to top talent and expertise
  • Worthy results for overall business growth

These are the most common digital marketing myths you need to stop believing in 2022. However, as digital marketing continues to grow, so will the myths. Fortunately, we’re always here to shed more light and offer the right answers!

At Oracle Tree, we’re experts in all fields of marketing. Whether you need a new website or don’t have the time to post on Facebook all day, we can help! Feel free to contact us or head to our website to book your FREE strategy call!

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