Posted On 05 Dec 2020
Marama Carmichael

We’ve rounded up the 12 best Oracle Tree marketing blogs of 2020 so you’re ready to start the new year fresh!

As we fast approach the end of 2020, we’ve been spending a bit of time looking back at the year that was at Oracle Tree. And it was definitely a year like no other! The pressure placed on businesses (both big and small) was immense, but it also saw some great innovations made in the marketing space. And we covered many of these in our blog! We’ve rounded up our 12 best marketing blogs of 2020 here so you can make sure you’re all caught up before we start 2021!

2020 began with a (blogging) bang…

We started the year with this February blog entitled The 12 steps to writing killer small business blog posts that boost your SEO rankings which was all about keeping your writing on track so that you’re providing quality and consistent value to your audience as well as making Google happy. It included great tips for keeping focus, drafting, editing and when to walk away! Blogging can be hard, especially if you’re not a copywriter by trade. But there are ways to make the process easier so that it soon becomes as painless as possible. Leaving you more time to get back to business!

Do you need a social media strategy for your business but don’t know where to start? This article from April this year included 4 smart social media marketing strategy tips to help your business grow. In a nutshell?

  1. Set realistic goals that are actually achievable for your business
  2. Know your customers and how they engage on social media
  3. Create a calendar that you can use to plan out seasonal content
  4. Measure your results so you know what’s working and what’s not and then adapt accordingly

We’re big on business ecosystems at Oracle Tree. In fact… it’s kinda our thing! This marketing blog from back in May invited you to dip your toes into the pool with 3 tips for developing a healthy business ecosystem. Are all the departments in your business working together or against each other? Is everyone well informed? Are the outgoing messages your customers receive consistent with your brand? All of these things are integral to the success of your