Posted On 26 Oct 2022
Venetia Hillary

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown to be the ultimate platform for sharing photos.

The app has over 2 billion active users worldwide. On average, users spend 30 minutes daily on the app, and another 500 million use Stories daily.

The platform is also full of influencers with massive followings. Businesses with the right plan can become influential brands too.

You can establish yourself on the platform by posting the right content and building a loyal following. It is almost impossible for modern businesses to grow without an online presence, including an active Instagram account.

Instagram Is Letting Users Shop via DM

The days when social media was all about keeping in touch with friends and family are over. Today’s social platforms focus on building a connection between businesses and their customers. There is an endless stream of products people can buy without leaving the Instagram app, all thanks to Instagram’s DM Shopping Feature.

In July 2022, IG introduced payments in DM for shopping. The DM features are similar to the messaging features of WhatsApp payments. Instead of leaving the app to a brand’s online store website, you can complete all your transaction within the Instagram app. The feature allows businesses to:

  • Chat with customers in real-time. The ease of communication lets you answer their queries and provide purchase details.
  • Create a payment request with item description and price
  • Request and collect payment

All payments are made through Instagram’s payment partner, PayPal. Businesses with qualified Instagram accounts can also sign up to showcase their digital storefront on their pages, after which they can sell products through chats.

Why You Should Use IG for Your Business

Instagram for business is an excellent way to find new customers and provide valuable insights on optimizing your marketing plan strategies. Some of the top reasons to use IG for your business include:

Overwhelming Growth

Instagram is experiencing incredible growth. More people join the platform to connect with people around the globe, especially top business brands. It is the first touch for businesses looking to reach a global audience.

Humanizes the Brand

You can show your products more relaxed and humanely through the photos and videos shared on the site. Consumers empathize more with products they see in action. Instagram allows you to humanize your brand by sharing your offices and surroundings, videos of how you package products, tools, team members, and more.

Effective Engagement for Your Brand

You can easily grow your store by engaging with followers and ensuring they interact with your content daily. Instagram users are more committed to their brands than other social sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Tips for Using IG for Online Shopping

While Instagram DM is still an underrated sales and marketing platform, learning tips and best practices can help you connect with a new pool of customers. These include:

  • Build a relationship: Direct Messages are perfect for building lasting relationships. You can earn customer loyalty and nurture leads.
  • Be responsive: Interact with your customers at a moment’s notice. Reply as soon as they text to capitalize on their thoughts and give answers to their concerns.
  • Build a brand: For strategic marketing, Instagram DM allows you to satisfy one client at a time. Communicate your brand values to ensure they remain loyal.
  • Close in the DM: Nurture the leads in your comment section and close deals in the DM. Use your feed as a catalogue for product photos and ask your followers to DM if they want to make a purchase.

Wrapping Up

As the world becomes more digital and gen z and millennials increase their purchasing power, social media is the most preferred way to discover new products. There is no better way to reach your customers without a platform like Instagram. With Instagram DM shopping, you can boost your sales and ensure you create long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

At Oracle Tree, we want to be your partner in helping your business move to the next stage. Book a strategy call today to learn more about how we can help you progress.

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