Posted On 05 Jan 2021
Marama Carmichael

Drip marketing campaigns are a series of pre-written emails that are sent to your customers, triggered by an action they’ve taken. It is the friendly “nudge” that allows you to stay in touch and if done correctly, that drip, can become a deluge of conversions very quickly!

What is Drip Marketing?

It could be a series of welcome emails sent to a new website visitor or a promotional holiday sales campaign. Whatever the circumstance, drip marketing is an effective, low-key tactic, that accomplishes a number of marketing objectives in one go.

As well as being an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind, drip marketing can also work to strengthen customer relationships through personalisation. When properly implemented, a drip marketing campaign will nurture customers and then subtly direct them towards a purchase.

To be effective, there needs to be a balance in the frequency of the message, as well as its tone. Too much drip and you may disenfranchise the customer, causing them to opt-out. Not enough and, as the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”

How Can I Use It?

A good drip marketing campaign will include information that is specifically tailored to your customers. It should have the message that “your needs and desires are in good hands”. The goal is not to cajole or entrap customers in your marketing web, rather it is to provide them with as much value as possible.

The timing of the email drip will also play a role in its success. A perfect example is shopping cart abandonment. The highest rate of customer disconnect occur at the checkout. According to Wikipedia, cart abandonment accounts for an average of 67.91% of all online sales disconnect. A friendly e-mail reminder that directs the shopper back to the checkout is an excellent real-world example of how drip campaigns can help to increase conversions.

Another effective tactic is to provide information that is relevant to the purchaser in the form of an e-newsletter. A ski manufacturer might send an email that informs ski shops about product improvements ahead of the new season perhaps. This type of tactics will keep interested customers coming back!

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