Posted On 06 Nov 2020
Marama Carmichael

We all know how competitive things have become online. Automated Marketing can provide the killer advantage you’ve been looking for!

When it comes to your ‘Sales’ and ‘Marketing’ teams, there can be a very real disconnect between the individual strategies and tactics used. Left unmanaged, this could have drastic effects on your profitability.  The good news is that Automated Marketing can eliminated these issues by joining your key systems as one. Read on…

“You Talking To Me?”

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM’s are a powerful way to store and manage data relating to your most valuable asset: your customers!

It is important for you to first understand how capable your existing CRM software is before you consider using it to accomplish greater tasks within the sphere of sales and marketing.

The responsibility of gathering important data about your customers rests solely on the shoulders of your software integration and team members. When implemented properly, the data you own will allow you to create simple workflows that can tackle a range of tasks, freeing up your staff for more revenue related projects.

Many CRM software applications actually function as automated marketing machines and you might not even know it! Education and training are two concepts that are often overlooked within organisations when using powerful and robust tools. Our suggestion? Book in for one of the free trainings that these platforms offer and ask those important questions directly!

If your CRM and marketing software tools are different platforms, you’ll often have the ability to join the applications harmoniously. This will allow you to do things like:

  • Follow up on purchases within a given frame of time
  • Create email auto responders relevant to a given topic
  • Take advantage of upselling opportunities based on purchasing behaviour
  • Email abandoned site or cart visitors with a follow up that engages them to reconsider
  • Manage customer service responses and gain valuable feedback
  • Much more…

Allowing your sales and marketing tools to connect with your customers is an important concept. It can be easier than you think. However you’ll need to take steps to understand where you are with your current efforts.

“Did I do that?”

Any type of data management tool is going to be a little bit intimidating at the beginning, but press on! The opportunities for growth will soon become evident.

Consider digging into your current customer data. Look at:

  • email addresses,
  • locations,
  • invoices,
  • phone numbers,
  • genders,
  • age groups;

Perhaps you have most if not all of this information, and hopefully you have it in a digital format. Storing this type of information is tricky business! You need capable secure tools, and people, to help you along your path. Deciding