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Marketing Tips For The Medical Field: 3 Ways To Grow Your Practice Fast!

Marama Carmichael

Being an in-demand professional sounds like it would be easy… especially if you have a medical practice. After all, everyone will need your skills and services sooner or later. But why should they go to you? What do you offer that no one else does? How do you drum up demand for what you can do?

These are the age-old questions we’ve been asking as long as it’s been necessary to have a customer base. While there are no guarantees, there are a few answers that should help.

Tip #1: Build A Video Platform

The human brain reacts to video the same way it reacts to having a person a few feet away talking to them. We might know that a video is a recording, but that doesn’t change the way the chemistry works in our heads. That’s why, if you want to have the biggest possible impact with your practice, it’s a good idea to get a video out there for people to see.

What platform you use isn’t that relevant, as long as anyone can find and watch your video for free. Of course, it helps to use a more popular platform, which is why so many businesses of all stripes head to YouTube when they try to get their name out there.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an amazing video. It just has to exist, and showcase who you are to start generating attention.

Tip #2: Join Groups, And Share Your Stuff

You ever wonder why street corners are prized real estate? It’s because they have the highest visibility, and traffic coming from both directions sees that spot. It makes you easy to find, popular, and it increases your market share. Alternatively, if your store front is in a back alley somewhere, then you’re only going to get an occasional person wandering by to see what you have to offer.

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page, or a YouTube channel, or a LinkedIn account. If no one knows who you are, they aren’t going to randomly stumble across you. So it’s your job to share your practice out to popular social media pages, and big groups, where people will see it. Read these pages’ policies on self-promotion, but make sure you get your voice out there. Leave your links in response to comments and questions, discuss your process, and become part of the community. That’s how you end up recruiting new customers and making allies with others in your field.

Tip #3: Cross Promote With Other People’s Audiences

Picture a successful medical practice. One who has a fully-booked schedule, and who may have to turn patients away because there’s just no room for them. Now, imagine that this practice formed an alliance with you. They admire you, and they want to take a moment to give your practice a boost using their own platform. So they start making referrals, and sending some of the patients they can’t handle your way. People who never would have even known about you, if someone they trusted hadn’t told them you were reliable.

That is the sort of success cross-promotion can give you. Which is why you should network with as many other professionals and practices as possible so that your name (and work) is always in close proximity to theirs. This gives you exposure that can lead to more people finding out who you are, and what you do, which will in-turn lead to a growing number of patients.

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