Posted On 02 Jun 2016
Marama Carmichael

Are you fed up with thinking you’re hiring the right people for your business, only to be let down?

Before you spend anymore of your time managing people rather than your business, let me share what I learned was at the root of not finding the right people for the right seats.

What’s causing you to be let down, is not what you might think

Finding the right person is not solely about looking at a candidate’s skills, experience and expertise. And this is where many small business owners make their first mistake. It was a mistake I made many times over the past 20 years, before my eyes were opened to the realisation that it wasn’t necessarily a lack of ability that meant a team member didn’t fit in or work out.

What it more often was, was a mismatch in our core values.

Your core values define the culture of your business, they impact how you do business and they should also play a part in hiring the right people for your business.

And even if you haven’t identified or defined a set of core values for your business, they already exist. What you need to do to discover them is consider the characteristics and qualities that you, your business and your ‘right’ people share and value. List them, rank them and edit the list down to your top three to seven – and you will have your core values.

How to build the right team for your big dream

Let me share how I have built a strong, stable and passionate team within my business, using my core values to hire, fire, review and reward. This is a process and strategy that I guide members of my eSense Mastermind program through, in much greater detail.

With your core values identified they become an integral part of any interview and review process. Use these conversations to clarify if your candidate is aligned with your values. Naturally you can’t expect people, even the right people, to align with you ALL of the time, but it’s absolutely necessary for them to be aligned most of the time.

When you hire people who share your businesses core values you will find that they are a natural fit with your culture, they will thrive in their roles and you will enjoy being around them.

These are the people that make your business better. And in turn, they will make you better.

Would you like to uncover more of the real problems you’re struggling with in your business? Not just the ones you think you have, but also the ones you may not know you have. Read more about my eSense Mastermind Program here.

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