Posted On 31 Jul 2020
Dominique Macartney

Long ago brands relied on tried and true methods of marketing.

Everyone was restricted by the limitations of print (billboards, print ads), sight (commercials, movie theatre screens), and sound (radio).

Traditional marketing tactics were extremely expensive and measuring the success of a campaign could be tricky. The age of digital marketing has been upon us for some time, and everything has changed.

Oops, A Typo

Traditional marketing tactics still have a place in a marketing professionals toolkit. However there are certainly reasons why digital marketing is replacing the need for certain traditional applications, especially in print. We’ve all received a postcard or flyer in the mail that advertises a brand’s products and services, and we’ve all caught one: a typo!

Once a printed material is created and sent to a target audience, that’s it, there is no turning back. Digital tactics are far superior in this regard. Online content can be changed and updated quickly, so there should be virtually no fear of catching a typo and thinking that it’s too late to fix it.

Online video ads are gaining in popularity with digital marketing. While they can be much more affordable than purchasing airtime on a television network, they will have the same limitations as traditional video advertisements when it comes to visual and audio recordings. The text and calls to action you use with online video ads however, offer much more flexibility. They can be adjusted and tweaked based on many things, including performance.

Ok, That Makes Sense

Typos, of course, are not the only differentiating factor that exists between traditional marketing media and digital. They are actually one of the smallest variables that should exist within the understanding of both types of marketing.

While many brands may find success in reaching someone’s actual mailbox, we all know that potential clients use email much more than they check their “snail” mailboxes.

Email marketing is a highly effective way to reach very targeted demographics, and testing the effectiveness of your campaigns can be done in real time. Many of the email marketing services offer very intuitive user options that make things like seeing who opened your email a breeze. Content testing and targeting specific demographics is also very simple with email marketing.

While social marketing in the real world has always existed with things like word of mouth and referrals, the digital world offers a much broader platform for advertising your brand among specific social circles, and again, measuring the success of your campaigns within platforms like Facebook is a breeze.

Connecting The Dots

The biggest difference between traditional and digital marketing is the flexibility to measure success and change plans of action based on live data. This is an important differentiating factor. Budgets also play a huge role in many peoples marketing strategies, and we cannot forget to touch on this fact.

Digital marketing budgets can be easily controlled when you choose the right marketing partners. There are few reasons why you should be asked to commit to any type of contract. The digital world moves fast. If you take the time to understand your brand and its market before reaching out to a digital marketing provider, you should be able to launch a campaign quickly, and within your budget.

Traditional marketing tends to rely more on constant interactions with your firm. Often your budget will have to be flexible enough to pay for a somewhat “luxury” service, and on an ongoing basis. There is definitely value in having partners who are very invested in your success. However organisations are taking more time to understand themselves and how they fit into the digital landscape.

Digital marketing is about having professionals guide you on the technical aspects of things, while providing creative input when needed. The digital world is focused on the constant monitoring of a campaigns success, and then making adjustments where necessary. Traditionally, with print ads and the like, you were locked into a roller coaster ride, and you hoped for the best before planning your next move.

Missed Your Target? Nah

Traditional marketing still works in some capacity for business, and it would be a lie to suggest otherwise. Although, the fact remains that digital marketing is superior in many ways.

Demographics are important to any marketing campaign. Traditional tactics are limited in the amount of changes you can make during your efforts. Digital campaigns are dynamic in many ways, with real-time reporting and analytics that allow you to monitor performance and make adjustments as needed.

If you miss your target with a physical ad, you’re still going to have the old copy and images floating around in the real world. Digital allows you to respond to the needs of your target immediately. That way you can attract and retain the customers who want to be a part of your brand!

So Much To Explore!

There is much to discuss when it comes to the topic of marketing in our new digital age. We’ve only touched on a few things that might be of value to you. You’ll need a good partner to help you move forward with your campaigns no matter what paths you choose. We hope we’ve helped you in being better prepared to make a good decision.

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