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8 Ways to Know if You Need a New Website Design

Creating a new website sounds like a good idea to many people. The thought of a dazzling website with all new images, fresh colors, and a visually attractive layout seems like an exciting project. However, while a great-looking website is always in order unless you really know why you want a change, then you may not make the right changes.


How is SSL Website Certification Useful to your Business?

Having your website recognised as a genuine, secure web entity gives you level of authority and legitimacy. To create a website that is trusted and secure you can add an SSL certificate to your company web identity. With the recent changes in Google’s Security, this has now become a vital element in ensuring your website ranks well.


How to Redesign Your Site Without Killing Your SEO

There are plenty of reasons to redesign your site if its performance is sub-par. Making it mobile-friendly, restructuring your site navigation, and switching to a different content management system can all vastly improve your site’s user experience.

There is, however, one major reason not to redesign your site: it could kill your SEO campaign if you’re not careful. Plenty of businesses have witnessed their organic traffic disappear into thin air thanks to a botched redesign.


Colour Choice Tips For Your Website

Your choice of colours plays an important role when people visit your website. Visitors may not consciously think about a website’s colours, but it’s a factor that always affects their reaction. Your choice of colours can influence engagement and sales. Let’s look at some of the main considerations that inform your colour choices.


Seven Tips for Writing Great Website Content

What are the elements of a great business website?  At the top of the list: an eye-catching design, smooth navigation and great content.  This last element, great content, is what often causes business owners the most headaches.  What does it mean to have great content? Here are seven tips to help you create website content that will engage your visitors and keep them coming back.


Are you communicating or just creating pretty shapes?

The popularity of DIY website platforms allowing users to create and publish their own content has soared. Using a Professional Web Designer was once a necessity yet nowadays it is considered an unnecessary expense because ‘everyone is a designer’ right?…. WRONG.

Professionally designed websites are always superior to those produced by those who are inexperienced and untrained in the theory of good design so we are sharing some of our design secrets to help you make your website stand out from the crowd.


Tips for Improving your Web Design

Think of your website in its most basic terms. What is it? It’s an online advertisement. It’s a listing that others can use to find your products or services. These tips for improving your web design will help to increase your conversion rates and your Google ranking.

Like any advertisement, the focus should lie in the type of return that it is able to generate. With web design, you are making a long-term investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.


The Importance of Updating Your Website

The age of your website might seem like nothing more than a random number. In fact, it has quite a bit of relevance when it comes to your success in areas such as SEO. If you have a business website, you want to make sure that it’s informative and appealing to potential patients or buyers for your products. Whether you built your website 10 years ago or last week, what really counts is how old it looks.


4 Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Sometimes it’s good to escape the minutia and remember the main purpose of web design — to convert leads. In this blog, we’ll shift the focus away from aesthetics and talk about the web design principles that optimize your conversion strategy.


5 Reliable Ways to Boost Traffic Generation for Your Website

One of the top goals businesses have for their content marketing strategy is generating ongoing traffic to their webpages. Yet, it’s a common problem that many brands struggle with in their marketing (Source: Backlinko). Without sufficient visitors checking out your site content, you won’t get the necessary lead conversions or sales to grow your business.

The big advantage to traffic generation is there are reliable tactics and techniques that when used consistently, will bring a steady flow of website visitors your way. You can easily boost your numbers by implementing the following tips in your content strategy.