Posted On 10 Oct 2016
Marama Carmichael

If you run an online business, you probably know how beneficial a well-oiled content marketing machine could potentially be for your business. However, one mistake that many businesses make is hiring a content typist over a copywriter. The difference is a subtle one, but the differences in results could be huge. Copywriters are trained in the art of creating sales-oriented marketing materials that subtly guide the user toward making the purchasing decision. Some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a copywriter to produce your content marketing content over a traditional content writer include:

Conversion-Focused Content

What is the ultimate goal of your content? Sure, you want to educate your audience and build a rapport by delivering value. But, you also have to make sure that you are guiding them toward making the purchasing decision as well, albeit subtly. Even though much of your content marketing content will not be exclusively focused on making a sale, having a writer available that knows how to subtly guide the reader toward making that decision is important. A copywriter can create great marketing content, but a content writer will not be able to craft excellent sales copy.

Flexibility with Content Types

A complete content marketing machine will encompass many different types of content, including blog content, email marketing, social media, lead magnets, and other types of creative content. The difference here is that a content writer might be able to produce content, but when asked to write sales materials they will find it difficult to make the transition. A copywriter can easily create excellent content, but the opposite is not typically true.


There are very few writers that strive to spend their career as a content writer. Over time, most content writers begin to understand the value that they can deliver as a copywriter and shift their focus. Those that are already pursuing a career as a copywriter already have that understanding and are more likely to deliver a higher value of professionalism. If you want to work with someone who knows the value of their writing and how to best communicate with your customers, a copywriter will almost always be a better choice than your typical content writer.

Connect with Your Audience

The key to an excellent content marketing plan is to connect with your audience and deliver value on a regular basis. Copywriters spend a lot of their time finding out how to word things in a way that will connect with the intended audience and push them toward making the buying decision. A content writer might be able to write a great article, but a copywriter will spend the time getting to know your audience and deliver content that truly connects with their pain points.

Communication is Important

Not all business owners