Posted On 27 Mar 2020
Marama Carmichael

Your “brandmark” is the face of your company and the centre of your brand design. It represents your founder, product, services, and team all at once.

It dominates your website, is used as the icon for your mobile app, and is stamped on anything you provide. When customers enjoy and become committed to your brand, they begin to associate themselves with it as clients under one brandmark.

Because it serves so many purposes and represents so many people, the brandmark itself needs to be somehow universal. This will appeal to everyone who finds themselves under its flag.

Under this pressure for broad appeal, one might be tempted to choose a plain logo that offends no one. But why not a unique one that can be personalised to the needs of each group and project?

1. The Multi-Brandmark

Some companies have multiple locations or lines of products. They create variations of their brandmark in different colours, slightly different designs, or with a variety of background details. A novelty soda company, for instance, might have a beige logo for the cream soda, a red one for strawberry, yellow for fizzy lemon, and so on.

They might even have the same logo, only featuring a cow, strawberry, or lemon as the background shape or content detail. With a cohesive design, each of these individual logo variations is immediately identifiable as the same company. However, the differences help people grab the right flavour quickly off the shelf.

2. Branded Designs

The best way to spread your brand is with use, in as many places as possible.

Backgrounds, browser themes, branded accessories and logo-bearing T-shirts are all ways companies can encourage their users to help spread the reputation and influence of a brand.

The best way to appeal to not only your current customers but those who will see them using your products is with designer-quality custom brandmark presentation.

Put your brandmark on everything, but subtly and with beautiful graphic design. Especially if your product appeals to a broad audience, a selection of custom styles, colour palettes and even moods of your promotional assets can create a huge boost to brand’s influence and popularity.

Special designs will appeal to the individual styles of your existing audience. They will find your friends and network asking: “Who made your background, and where can I get one?”.

It could be some urban-graffiti variations of your brandmark or dark versions accented by gothic filigree. It could even be joke designs with your brandmark as the punchline.

3. Talented Brand Designers

In order to create this vast array of designs, you need a brand designer who can make suggestions that your clients will love.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, branding artists are practiced at understanding the following: the demographic hooks of each age group, sub-culture, and the general categories of personal styles.

Do people have different shade preferences? For each design you can ask for a dark and light version as well as one that looks good with a transparent background.

Your graphic designer should be more than capable of fulfilling your requests. Most are talented at emulating any desired style, even if they are initially unfamiliar with it.

Our talented branding team at Oracle Tree includes brand and graphic designers. They specialise in building exceptional brands for small and medium-sized businesses with unique branding needs.

There’s no need to settle for a plain logo or even a simple single design. Ask our experts for a full creation of distinct brand assets! For more information or to schedule your first branding consultation, contact us today.

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