Posted On 21 Jun 2017
Marama Carmichael

Online content comes in many forms – social media, ad copy and website copy are a few. In this blog, we’ll suggest and describe six kinds of content you should have on your website.

Customer reviews

Let’s start with one that you might not have — customer reviews. Although many businesses view these as a nice add-on, they might be the most important type of content on your site.

A recent Business 2 Community article explains how important customer reviews in the context of a business website. According to the article, they enhance your SEO and thus drive more users to your site:

“Reviews also increase the likelihood consumers will click to your website, which is just as important as customers visiting your brick-and-mortar storefront. Even a handful of reviews can spark a significant spike in click-thru-rates compared to businesses with little or no reviews. The math is simple. More reviews improves search results ranking. Better search results ranking leads to more website clicks.”

The other function of online reviews relates to the trust factor of your brand. At the beginning of the buying cycle, prospective customers don’t trust businesses or their marketing content. Luckily, they trust other customers who have experience with your business. In this respect, customer reviews can say more than the rest of your website content combined.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the stuff that stays on your site for months at a time. According to a Business.com article, it’s important for establishing authority and optimising your site for search engines:

“Evergreen content is deemed that way because the topics it covers remain relevant for a very long time and also because the content is exhaustive in nature. This content will rank you as an authority in your niche and continue to bring greater organic traffic because there will always be people seeking this information as they discover (and try to understand) the online medium.”

This is where it’s really important to focus on quality. Evergreen content stays on your site for long periods of time, so make sure it’s great both for your users and search engines.

Long-form content 

Research, white papers, and ebooks don’t necessarily belong on a website, but you should at least include links to them. These forms of content are critical for establishing thought leadership in your industry. Consider including excerpts on your site.

Current (or topical) content

Current content is on the other end of the spectrum when compared to evergreen content. It’s based on current topics and has a short shelf life. Most importantly, it keeps your site updated and relevant.

Blogs are great for publishing current content. Quality is still important, even if it’s not as emphasised like it is in the case of long-form content.

Visual content 

Videos, pictures, GIFs, memes, and infographics are all fair game for website content. They can also be really effective in areas where your written content is lacking.

Visual content is more about branding than the other types listed in this article. You don’t need to produce much of it, as one video can make a lasting impression on users.


If your branding efforts aren’t getting the job done, then you can always resort to statistics to get users to commit or leave. Statistics cut through the noise and tell prospective customers exactly what your value proposition is.

An infographic with statistics is great website material. It’s also a great, shareable format for your social media marketing efforts.

If your website content isn’t balanced, then you’ll miss opportunities to generate and convert leads. To talk more about content marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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