Posted On 31 Jan 2020
Dominique Macartney

Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

I’m sure you’ve already come to that conclusion. When you look around, you’ll see no shortage of businesses killing it with content. But despite your knowledge of its potential, one still question remains in your head:

“How the heck do I unlock it?”

Sure, other businesses may have success with content — but why hasn’t it happened to you? What does it take to have a successful content marketing strategy?

Joe Pulizzi, author and CEO of Content Marketing Institute, may have the answer.

In his best selling book, Epic Content Marketing, Joe boils down thousands of hours of research into 6 simple steps he claims are the keys to content marketing success. Without them, he claims, your content strategy can never take off.

So what are they?

Great content fills a need

Why do people consume your content?

Is it because they want to buy your products? Because your writing is great? Because you have great SEO? No — it’s something much simpler:

It’s because they want to solve their problems.

When they go online and search for your content, their goal is to find something that can ease their pain. Something that can make their lives better.

And if your content isn’t providing that for them, they’re going to find some that does.

Great content is human

Humans strive for connection.

We want to feel like we’re understood. And when we read content, we want to feel like we’re interacting with another person — not some faceless robot-creature.

Great content can make your reader feel all those things and more.

One of the best ways you can do this is by developing your “voice”. Your voice is the style that you communicate to your audience with — it can be humorous, serious, laid back, or anything between.

And when you’ve found your voice, both you and your audience will become deeply connected with it over time. Like a friend talking to a friend.

Great content is consistent

The first step in success is showing up. I’m sure you’ve heard this one more times than you can stand. But despite the cliche, this couldn’t be more true when it come to content marketing.

To develop an audience on the internet, your content needs to reach them on a consistent basis.

Remember that connection we talked about earlier? It can’t form unless your audience members are being exposed to your content over, and over, and over again.

So set up an editorial calendar and stick to it like your success depends on it — because it does!

Great content has a point of view

Your content should capture your reader’s interest.

It should be an expression of the writer and their thoughts — a person the reader doesn’t know yet loves to hear from. As they read through your sentences, they should be eager to hear what you have to say next, even if they don’t agree with it. That’s what a point of view can do for your content.

As Joe points out in Epic Content Marketing,

“This is not encyclopedia content. You are not giving a history report. Don’t be afraid to take sides on matters that can position you and your company as an expert.”

Great content doesn’t attempt to sell a product

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when writing content is trying too hard to sell their products.

In fact, most of their content exists for that sole reason. They trick readers into clicking with a sly headline, spout some rehashed information they got from one of their competitors, and close it off with a sales pitch.

That’s one quick way to drive your readers away.

If your content is truly valuable, you shouldn’t need to litter it with buzzwords and sales speak. It should speak for itself.

Great content is best of breed

Every day, thousands of businesses are publishing thousands of pieces of content to the internet. But here’s the thing:

Most of it isn’t good.

And as a result, you buyers have become quite picky about what content they choose to consume. Nobody has the time to consume crappy content.

So in order for your content to stand out, it has to be the best of the best.

You should publish every piece of content with the goal of setting yourself up as the informational leader in your industry. And even more importantly, you should believe that you can be.

“If you expect your readers to spend time with your content”, Joe says, “…you must deliver them amazing value.”

Nothing less.

While content marketing can be one of your businesses greatest assets, it can also be one of your biggest struggles.

Creating and implementing a working content strategy is no easy task, and keeping track of all the variables is hard for most businesses. That’s why we’re here to help.

At Oracle Tree, we’re storytellers. We create content strategies that allow you to tell you brand’s story, all the while growing your business and earning more customers. With us, you won’t have to worry about the success of your content — we’ll take care of that for you.

Want to learn more about how we can tailor our services to fit your business? Let’s talk! Contact us now.

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