Posted On 17 Oct 2017
Marama Carmichael

One of the top goals businesses have for their content marketing strategy is generating ongoing traffic to their webpages. Yet, it’s a common problem that many brands struggle with in their marketing (Source: Backlinko). Without sufficient visitors checking out your site content, you won’t get the necessary lead conversions or sales to grow your business.

The big advantage to traffic generation is there are reliable tactics and techniques that when used consistently, will bring a steady flow of website visitors your way. You can easily boost your numbers by implementing the following tips in your content strategy.

#1 Make Your Headlines Compelling

Your title gives the first impression of your post. Whether it’s your blog article, social media content or email subject line, taking the time to craft the most compelling headline is key to getting your content noticed and increasing engagement. Remember, it determines if people will click on your link or move on to the next thing.

With that said, here are a few ways to write catchy headlines that grab attention:

  • For blog titles, keep it short and to the point
  • Mention the benefit the reader will gain from the article
  • Add descriptive words to make your text colorful and vivid
  • Numbers (listicles) and how-to’s perform well in social media shares and on search
  • Use tools to help you improve your headline. CoSchedule offers two; one to optimize your social media post and the other to create stellar headlines for your blog and email subject lines

#2 Blogging is Essential

Did you know that companies who published 16+ blog posts per month receive almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that only published 0-4 monthly posts (Source: Hubspot)? Honing your blogging strategy gives you ample content to share on your various marketing platforms to extend your reach.

From increasing visibility on search, posting on your social networks to give value, syndicating on popular sites, or sharing with your subscribers, your blog is a huge asset that furthers your digital marketing and drives traffic to your website.

Commit to developing a regular blogging schedule where your team is publishing content on a weekly basis. Begin with a doable number feasible enough to achieve. Keep your audience in mind when brainstorming content topics, ensuring that you’re solving common problems in your niche, offering information, or inspiring your audience.

#3 Enlist Your List

Your email subscribers are your biggest fans. They’ve opted into your list and are expecting to hear from you. A resourceful way to keep your list engaged and connected with your brand is by sharing your website content (blog posts).

Wouldn’t you agree that your fans should be the first to know about your “fresh off the press” blog articles? Since email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources, you’ll foster repeat and new traffic to your website.

Give a clear call to action at the end of your email encouraging recipients to share your blog post to their networks if they find it valuable. Using apps like ClicktoTweet make it super easy for your list to tweet your link right from their email inbox.

#4 Invite Others to Guest Blog

Guest blogging is still an effective practice in content marketing. Having colleagues within your industry make their appearance on your blog site presents huge benefits including offering different perspectives and topics that will interest your audience, keeping your content calendar full, and building partnerships.

How does this help boost your traffic generation? Well, guest bloggers tend to promote your website in an effort to get more traction and eyeballs onto their unique post. They’ll advertise you for you! You see, they’re highly likely to share and link to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site.

It’s a win-win!

#5 Ramp Up Your Social Media Strategy

This is a big one! In a digital age where more consumers are using social media to search for new brands, connect with existing ones, and shop for deals, it’s imperative that your business maintains an active presence on these networks to reach your customer.

Social media is indeed the perfect channel to drive traffic to your website. In fact, social media drives 31% of all website referral traffic (Source: Forbes). Through paid ads, profile and cover pages, and individual posts, social media is a reliable way to boost your traffic generation.

Here’s how you can ramp up your social media strategy that promotes traffic:

  • Videos on Facebook, for example, achieve 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Use social videos to promote your website, blog post or landing pages.
  • When sharing the same blog post across different social channels, be sure to appropriately tailor your message so it speaks to the network you’re writing for
  • It’s OK to share the same blog link several times, just use a different headline each time
  • Complement your post using an image. Visuals significantly increase engagement on social media…use them to your advantage.
  • Make sure your cover page banner promotes a content/lead offer to elicit clicks and increase your leads
  • Optimize your profile page completely that highlights what you do, how you serve your customers, and your About Me page that gives more details


Accelerate your website traffic by implementing these tactics in your digital marketing strategy. With consistency, you’ll experience an increase in SEO ranking, leads, and ultimately, sales for your business.

Ready to amplify your traffic generation? We’re experts in helping you get to your next level in your digital strategy. Reach out to us here today and let’s chat!

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