Posted On 14 Feb 2020
Marama Carmichael

When you’re a business, people come to you in need of your expertise.

As such, many businesses put their records and awards up-front, feeling that these things make a solid case for the kind of performance they provide their clients.

However, while there are going to be certain clients that these accolades appeal to (competitive buyers, as they’re called by Martindale-Avvo), it’s important to remember that not everyone chooses someone to do business with based strictly on their record and experience.

What other factors can go into the decisions, though? Well, you might be surprised. For example…

Factor #1: Professional Layout

Take a look at your website for a moment.

Now ask what message it sends to someone seeing it for the first time? Does it tell them that you’re professional? That you’re organised? Is your colour scheme calming, letting them know things will be all right if they reach out to you?

These are all factors that can have a surprising impact on client impressions.

A cluttered website, on the other hand, or one that seems poorly designed, or which doesn’t support mobile browsing can give the impression that you’re disorganised, behind the times, or that you aren’t a professional… No matter how good your record and education are.

Factor #2: Easy To Find Contact Information

This is a good business practice in general, but if a client is seeking someone to do business with they may not have either the patience or the time to go digging through your site to find your contact information.

By having your phone number (or even a live chat window) where it can be easily seen, you give clients who are in a hurry exactly what they need to make contact before they flutter off and go to someone else.

Even if your qualifications are impressive, a lot of clients might move on if it’s too difficult to talk to you.

Factor #3: How Do You Come Across?

It’s important to remember that you aren’t just performing a service for your clients. You are, in a very real sense, selling yourself as the product.

So you need to stop, and ask what makes you unique? Then, once you have that answer, ask how that quality is coming across on your website, in your ads, etc.?

For example, say you offer legal services. Do you want to seem tough because you’re a defense lawyer? Do you want to seem sympathetic and ready to help someone seeking a divorce?

Everything from your colour scheme, to your pictures, to your word choices can create a certain impression of both you, and your business. Pay close attention to that, because potential clients will pick up on it, and act accordingly.

Factor #4: Specific Services You Offer

In any given business field there are countless specialties, and just because you operate in a particular industry that doesn’t mean you provide all the specialty services a client might ask for.

Kind of like how just because someone is a general practitioner, that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be an expert in cancer therapy. That’s why it’s extremely important to list the sorts of services you offer in an easy-to-find location.

Additionally, you need to provide a comprehensive list of your fees, charges, and requirements. Your potential clients will know what they’re getting into before they even reach for the phone. This not only makes you look professional and up-front in your dealings, but if you offer special terms or conditions, then that can also sway a client’s decision to contact you.

It is not easy building a portal that appeals to all the different kinds of clients who might seek you out… but it can be done!

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