Posted On 28 Aug 2018
Marama Carmichael

Social media has become an increasingly important aspect of a lot of businesses. Since it allows us to connect to our customers, or our potential customers, instantaneously without much work, it’s a valuable tool that most businesses are now using. However, many businesses find that even though they are using social media, they aren’t getting the results they expected.

Social media is supposed to be easy, right? You just post links to your website, answer some of the comments, and views to your website increase exponentially. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If it seems like your social media marketing strategy isn’t working, here are a few of the likely reasons.

#1 – You’re Not Sharing Good Content

At first glance it would seem like social media is the place for quick posts that don’t have to say much. This isn’t the case however. The customers you’re targeting have a lot of other information popping up in their social feeds, and you need to somehow get your posts to grab their attention. You do this with good content.

This goes not only for the actual post on your social media account, but anything you are linking to. People need to gather valuable information from your social accounts, and feel like they aren’t wasting their time either by reading it or clicking on the link you provide. If you don’t provide high quality posts, people are more likely to either stop following your accounts, or just ignore them altogether. So whenever you are about to post something to one of your accounts, take some time to think about it’s quality level, and whether or not your followers will get some value from it.

#2 – You’re Not Interacting With The Right People

No matter what niche your business is in, there are people and businesses within that niche who have a ton of influence. A great way to promote your social media accounts – and in turn your business – is to attract the attention of these influential people.

Here’s an example: let’s say you own a party planning business. You’ve just written up a blog post about some of the best locations to host a party within your town. Rather than simply posting the link to your social media accounts, you can also find the social media accounts for those places and tag them. The owners of these places may then see that they’ve been included in your blog post and share it to their own followers. Simple actions like this are beneficial to