Posted On 30 Oct 2018
Marama Carmichael

Websites created in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s all look very different, and when a customer happens upon a website from another era, they can immediately tell. If your business website is from a different decade, or even has just not had a lot of sprucing up in the recent years, there are a few valuable new website features that could dramatically increase the impact of your site.

Mobile Optimisation

In 2016, more people were using mobile phones and tablets than regular computers to surf the internet, according to BGR. Unfortunately, many older websites either don’t load or load with tiny type on mobile phone screens, deterring the phone user from continuing to search the site. Forms and videos that may be very useful on a laptop or desktop computer will not appear or malfunction, increasing frustration. These days, most businesses choose to have their website “optimised for mobile,” which makes the site able to recognise and respond when it is being viewed on a mobile phone.

Online Scheduling

If you struggle with filling cancelled appointment slots or have clients who delay in scheduling, one method for filling in the gaps is to offer online scheduling availability. A study by Kyruus has shown that many people prefer being able to schedule an appointment online, including a large majority of young people. Online scheduling also gives different people in your practice access to the schedule in a way that keeps you nimble and booked as fully as possible. No matter how your business incorporates scheduling, an online feature on the website is valuable.

Content Linked to High Search Engine Listing

Many businesses have a wealth of how-to knowledge to share, so keeping articles or blog entries is just a natural fit for your website to add value for web visitors. However, there is an additional benefit to this content: the more keywords related to your business that your site contains, the higher it will list on search engines when people look for your service or product in your area or expertise. The content should still be informative and strong, but having keyword-driven blogs or articles can make it much easier for new customers to find you.

Use Social Media to Connect to Customers and Reviews

Social media is now one of the ways that can drive customers to you and help customers share their feelings about your business. By having a social media page, you are able to create an online following of your business, drumming up loyalty among your customers who share their