Posted On 24 Jul 2018
Marama Carmichael

Any marketer will tell you that the more social media sites that you are on, the more potential clients you will reach. However, not every social media site is right for your practice. Though it doesn’t hurt to be on as many sites as possible, if you only have time for one or two, it is more important to choose the right one instead of spreading yourself too thin (and not being active).

So, which social media sites should you be on for your business?

The Core Group

Facebook is the most common social media site. It is where most businesses start. In fact, if you only decide to choose one social media site, most marketers will recommend that you start with this one.

Facebook allows you to make a business page where you can start posting regularly to get the attention of the millions of Facebook users. If you have a marketing budget, you can spend a little money on paid advertising and really increase your reach. Even better, you can target these ads to make sure that you are reaching the right customers.

Twitter is another popular site and many marketers recommend that you use Twitter for your first or second social media site.

Twitter is easy to keep up with with each tweet only being short. You can also link Twitter to Facebook to reduce the time you need to spend focusing on social media.

Because there are so many tweets sent every minute, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Therefore you’ll need to make sure your message stands out. Tweeting often will help increase your visibility, while having a clear identity will keep you in peoples minds longer.

Even if you are not going to be active on it, you should have a Google+ page devoted to your business. Not only will it help you with search engines, it allows your customers to leave reviews. This can really help you grow your business so it is not a site that you should skip.

Content Specific

If your business is more visual, Instagram and Pinterest may be social media sites that you may want to think about. Both of them are great for business that have beautiful products to sell. They also work well with before and after pictures.

If you want to make videos, you should think about adding YouTube to your social media marketing campaign. More and more people are watching videos when they are trying to learn about something, making YouTube almost as popular as Facebook.

By adding YouTube to your marketing campaign, you have the chance of meeting even more potential customers. You can make videos detailing the services that you offer, as well as video reviews and testimonials.

Just make sure you know what content you want to use before thinking about using the