Posted On 13 Sep 2018
Marama Carmichael

Do you know what SEO is? Many people have likely heard this phrase and some of those people might believe it is connected to computer in some way. Fewer people know that SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.

So now you know what SEO is. Or do you?  Technically, you now know what SEO stands for. But you are not alone if you admit that “Search Engine Optimisation” seems to be a vague phrase. What does “Search Engine Optimisation” mean?

A Short Primer on SEO

Search engine optimisation, when done right, will allow your website to show up when someone types a search phrase in Google or another search engine, like Bing.

For instance, let’s say you have a hardware store and sell drill bits (this example will have more meaning in just a little bit). If a person in your town needs a drill bit, they might go to Google and type in “buy a drill bit.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if your hardware store showed up at the top of the Google page as a recommended choice? The answer is that it would be fantastic to be the first listed website for a person who wants to “buy a drill bit.”

That in a nutshell is what SEO means.

Does SEO Work?

A lot of people have tried SEO. Using the hardware store example again, only one website can show up as the first listing on a Google search. There are 10 slots for results on each Google search and everyone agrees that ending up on the first page is really important. Everyone also agrees that being number one on the first page is most important.

But if you think and talk like everyone else, guess what? You will get the same results as everyone else. And when there are thousands vying for a slot on page one, a lot of people will be disappointed. This is why everyone seems to be doing SEO, yet no one appears to be achieving the promised results.

Separate Yourself from the Crowd

Today is the day you can stop thinking like the rest of the mob of online marketers and instead can start working sensibly and effectively. Fancy words and sophisticated phrases may impress others initially, but if you cannot reach out and touch them positively and authentically, chances are that yet another prospect may choose one of your competitors instead.

Instead of trying to impress and wow your prospects with slick sales gimmicks and ostentatious words (like “ostentatious”) that keeps you apart from the common person, stand out from your competitors by fitting in with your prospects. See your customers eye-to-eye instead of looking down your nose at them. Relate to them as you would with your own brother, sister, or long time neighbour.

Selling Dreams and Desires

Every year, millions of drill bits are sold