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5 keys to being found on Google

The keys to SEO – What every business owner needs to know about how to be found on Google.

SEO or (search engine optimisation) is a pretty complex topic. There are over 200 “ranking signals” that Google uses to decide what to show when people search for something. It can be overwhelming for most business owners, but here are 5 key things that even the most Google phobic business owners need to know that will unlock the power of Google.


5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

In this digital age, businesses rely a lot on their websites to make sales, boost their market dominance, and satisfy their customers. However, you need to ensure that your website appeals to your customers and has enough information to help them make purchase decisions. If your website is not helping you reach your business goals, you will have to redesign it. Here are five things to consider when redesigning your website: (more…)

Updating Your Web Design and Web Presence in 2018

Websites created in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s all look very different, and when a customer happens upon a website from another era, they can immediately tell. If your business website is from a different decade, or even has just not had a lot of sprucing up in the recent years, there are a few valuable new website features that could dramatically increase the impact of your site. (more…)

Tips for Improving your Web Design

Think of your website in its most basic terms. What is it? It’s an online advertisement. It’s a listing that others can use to find your products or services. These tips for improving your web design will help to increase your conversion rates and your Google ranking.

Like any advertisement, the focus should lie in the type of return that it is able to generate. With web design, you are making a long-term investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.


The Importance of Updating Your Website

The age of your website might seem like nothing more than a random number. In fact, it has quite a bit of relevance when it comes to your success in areas such as SEO. If you have a business website, you want to make sure that it’s informative and appealing to potential patients or buyers for your products. Whether you built your website 10 years ago or last week, what really counts is how old it looks.


Is your inbound marketing effective?

If you engage in any sort of marketing, you need to measure how things are going. Hubspot offers some great advice on how to measure your inbound marketing results. Whether you use this advice or something else, you must have a plan for measuring your results for email and other marketing tools.


3 Ways to Streamline Your Clinic’s Website Admin

As a practice manager part of your many responsibilities is managing the doctors’ appointments and scheduling (or at least making sure that reception is managing it). So the last thing you need is administration problems.

It’s easy for reception to get overwhelmed in a room full of people. At any given moment in a busy practice they could be juggling patient arrivals, payments, scheduling follow-ups, calling cabs for elderly or disabled or infirm patients, following up on test results, printing specialist referrals, etc. Add to this the constant ringing of the phone for patients booking in, checking results, changing appointments, checking office hours or Doctor availability, getting directions, etc

No wonder your staff is stressed and short tempered.


Auto-Playing Video: Should It Be Part Of Your Web Design Strategy in Australia?

The case against auto-play video:

The case against having videos auto-play on your sites is pretty simple: it’s inconsiderate.

First, there’s the jarring experience of suddenly having audio and moving images appear unexpectedly. You also have the possible embarrassment if you are in public with the volume up too loud, on a “quiet carriage” OR at work messing around on Social media.

There are other technical things too, like bandwidth caps, battery life and mobile data limits.

The content itself can be an issue as well (especially if as the site owner you don’t have full control over the content). One extreme example is when graphic news footage is automatically shown (NB link does NOT have anything graphic in it).