Find out how you can untangle the mess called marketing and grow your business

Marketing Tips For The Medical Field: 3 Ways To Grow Your Practice Fast!

Being an in-demand professional sounds like it would be easy… especially if you have a medical practice. After all, everyone will need your skills and services sooner or later. But why should they go to you? What do you offer that no one else does? How do you drum up demand for what you can do?

These are the age-old questions we’ve been asking as long as it’s been necessary to have a customer base. While there are no guarantees, there are a few answers that should help.


Why You Should Perform Regular Website Text Reviews

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of voice, especially now that businesses are updating their content to match the needs of people using voice to text software. Consumers are also responding to their own computers using voice to text applications, so it’s vital for your website text to be optimised for these.

A common example is the Amazon Echo device, which provides a robot named Alexa to search the Internet for information. Whether you want to know the date a person was born or listen to a favourite song from the radio, Alexa has got you covered.


5 Tips To Create A Great About Page

Websites have arguably become a calling card for a business. It’s where customers go to learn more about your business, your products, and your brand. Having great content is always important, but is so focusing on ensuring that customers leave your page understanding more about your business, what makes you unique and why they should choose you.

The best method for accomplishing this? Writing a killer ‘About’ page. This is the most important page for your website in terms of content because it tells customers who you are as a brand. Some businesses tend to overlook it and focus on other elements of the site, but the about page definitely needs attention for it really be successful.


How is SSL Website Certification Useful to your Business?

Having your website recognised as a genuine, secure web entity gives you level of authority and legitimacy. To create a website that is trusted and secure you can add an SSL certificate to your company web identity. With the recent changes in Google’s Security, this has now become a vital element in ensuring your website ranks well.


6 Practical Ways to Promote Your Content

Content marketing consists of two elements: creating content and marketing that content. Businesses often miss the marketing piece. Yet, content promotion is a big component to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Investing the time to promote your content will yield amazing returns such as better brand awareness, increased visibility, and more traffic to your website. You put the resources into creating your content, now it’s time for it to work for you.


How to Redesign Your Site Without Killing Your SEO

There are plenty of reasons to redesign your site if its performance is sub-par. Making it mobile-friendly, restructuring your site navigation, and switching to a different content management system can all vastly improve your site’s user experience.

There is, however, one major reason not to redesign your site: it could kill your SEO campaign if you’re not careful. Plenty of businesses have witnessed their organic traffic disappear into thin air thanks to a botched redesign.


Power Tips for Enhancing Your Branding Image

If you have a business, then you probably realize the importance of a brand strategy. A strong branding image is a result of how your customers view your business personality. Every interaction you have across all customer touch points, sends a message about your business brand. As customers use social media to connect with you, they begin to get an impression about who you are. These experiences shape the consumer’s mind as to who you are.

If you don’t have an integrated story line to present, then the customer’s view of you is haphazard or inconsistent. However, if you take control and design the story that you want them to understand, then your brand will be solid. This means you must focus on your brand voice and content to strengthen your brand.


3 Reasons Why Trust Matters For Your Online Brand

In a world that is dominated by digital interactions, one aspect that many brands struggle with is customer loyalty and retention. This is true of both small and large brands, and it has become increasingly difficult to have meaningful interactions with customers. A perfect example is the recent backlash that Facebook has encountered due to the usage of the personal data of its users, and the subsequent impact this has had on trust of the Facebook brand.

The convergence of technology and marketing has seen that lead to an erosion of trust when it comes to online branding.


Colour Choice Tips For Your Website

Your choice of colours plays an important role when people visit your website. Visitors may not consciously think about a website’s colours, but it’s a factor that always affects their reaction. Your choice of colours can influence engagement and sales. Let’s look at some of the main considerations that inform your colour choices.


Seven Tips for Writing Great Website Content

What are the elements of a great business website?  At the top of the list: an eye-catching design, smooth navigation and great content.  This last element, great content, is what often causes business owners the most headaches.  What does it mean to have great content? Here are seven tips to help you create website content that will engage your visitors and keep them coming back.